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Jan 10, 2007 12:10 AM

Best after dinner dessert place in RALEIGH?

Any suggestions for a place to go after dinner in Raleigh for some dessert - somewhere with an intimate atmosphere, with great desserts, (and maybe wines)?

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  1. You will no doubt get more responses if you are more specific as to where in the South you are.

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    1. Hereghty's in Glenwood question. A french pastissire with INCREDIBLE desserts, great coffee, wine and beer.

      1. I didn't know that Hereghty's served wine! I was going to suggest Helio's, the coffee shop on Glenwood South. That fits the bill, does it not? (Atmosphere, good dessert, great coffee - and wine!)

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          Yes, Hereghty's has wine and beer. And I didn't know Helios had desserts. I like their coffee, but think their pastry selection in the morning to be just so-so. Do they bring more in at night? I can tell you that Hereghty's desserts are incredible. Plus, Hereghty's has a quieter, more upscale atmosphere.

        2. Enoteca Vin at the bar.