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Jan 9, 2007 11:58 PM

Pizza in the Houston downtown/convention center area

Going to be staying in the Houston downtown/convention center area at a hotel this weekend and I need a good pizza place that delivers, preferably Cicilian.
Any help?

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  1. Star Pizza is about 3 miles and Candelaria's is about 4 1/2 miles west - both on Washington Ave. They deliver, but you'll need to call to see if they deliver downtown. I would think so.

    1. Star is very good, closer to Chicago deep dish style than NY Sicilian. Try the Joe's pizza with the deep dish crust. Garlic and spinach, yum.

      New York Pizzaria has a location near downtown, and it's a decent Brooklyn style pizza. I like their egglplant and garlic.

      Candelaria's gets great write ups, I at there once in Bellaire and was underwhelmed.

      Too bad the Vietnamese restaurants in Midtown don't deliver, that's your best bet for cheap food in downtown Houston at night.

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        I lived in New York for 9 years, and my family thinks New York Pizzeria is really good. We go everytime we're in Houston.

      2. Sicilian is not my style so I can't give specific recommendations, but here's the websites for the 3 mentioned:

        Doesn't look like Candelari does delivery anyway; Star does and includes downtown according to the map. NYP has Sicilian on the menu but I've never had it. Their thin crust is among the better ones in town. Locations differ however and I've never eaten at that one.

        Ponzo's Italian on McGowen has a Sicilian on the menu. I've had PoBoys there but not pizza. They've been tasty but the bread has been mediocre. Difficult to find a poboy shop that uses good bread here in Houston.

        I liked Candelari's at first but I'd have to say I think they slid downhill pretty fast. Notable for great sausages, though.

        According to a Chron article a couple of years ago, many New York expats thought Romano's on W. Gray was the best NY thin style; they have Sicilian on the menu but their take out menu doesn't mention delivery (and they don't appear to have a website). 713-526-1691. Maybe TakeOut Taxi?

        1. I'd suggest Ponzo's in Midtown (McGowen/Brazos Streets) or Star Pizza (Washington/Heights) as best bets for pizza that would deliver to your hotel in downtown.

          Starburst at Star and Beachcomber at Ponzo's are my favorites.

          1. I came across this blurb in the Press's Dining Guide on Romano's, according to which they do delivery.

            So does the fact they're from NY mean they know how to do Sicilian?