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Jan 9, 2007 11:43 PM

Reviews of Enoteca Vin (Raleigh)?

I'm seeking some reviews of Enoteca Vin - food, atmosphere, etc?

I've looked at the menu online and it doesn't sound that appealing - is this the every day menu? There doesn't seem to be any options for non-meat eaters - are there usually any fish or vegetarian dishes?


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  1. The few times I've been, everything was fantastic. I don't know about vegetarian offerings, but I am an omnivore, so I don't generally pay special attention to that.

    I will say that with the caliber of the chef, I would guess that she or her staff could "whip something up" to accomodate a vegetarian as needed, that would likely be totally righteous.

    1. If you really want to be sure that you get a vegeterian offering, just call a couple days in advance. This place loves to be challenged and can do just about anything.

      1. Yeah, they usually have a couple of fish dishes (not sure about the vegetarian). I was there a couple of weeks ago for dinner and sat at the bar on the kitchen side; saw a really nice looking scallop dish and mussel dish get prepared several times. Made me rethink my hanger steak -- which was awfully good, to boot.

        I've gone for often for pommes frites and a drink at the bar, and my experience with the food has been excellent -- dinner, brunch, and small plates/wine. The atmosphere is airy -- tall ceilings, open kitchen on one side, sort of loft-y feeling. Has a great little patio for warmer nights. Oh, and a great wine list.

        1. One of our three favorites, although it can be pricey. They usually have a couple/three fish or shellfish options. They usually have a vegetarian or I know we have been there with vegetarians and they have just whipped something for them. Obviously, this would not be a dish with a "meat alternative" like tempeh or tofu, but more like, they'll give you a selection of sides (veggies, grains, etc.)