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Jan 9, 2007 11:12 PM

Rehearsal Dinner IN District

I'm trying very hard to find a venue for a rehearsal dinner for around 65 people IN the district. Would like to be close to downtown. We've checked with OEG and Chef Geoff's Downtown - they don't have a space the right size with a private room, which is what we want. Also looked into Clyde's and SeaCatch - both get pretty pricy for that many people. Looked into M&S, but my fiance is not crazy about that idea. We are going with an Irish theme, so we are trying to avoid ethnic foods - indian, mediterranean, mexican, italian. Would LOVE some suggestions!

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  1. If Clyde's is too pricy, I don't think you're going to find what you're looking for. That's about the LEAST expensive restaurant in the downtown area that's big enough for your needs.

    1. Clydes is going to add up to around $8,000 for 65 people...I think we could do better than that!

      1. I'd contact Dean at Dino to see if they could do something for you for the evening. I know they've done things like that before.

        1. How about the Irish pub-type place on 7th Street just north of Chinatown?

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          1. Yikes! I agree that this might be tough to find a private space big enough for your needs....most private rooms these days in newer spots seem to hold max 30-40 people and prix fixe menus generally start at least $50 for just the food.

            check out this website, it might help you find a space big enough at least