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Jan 9, 2007 11:11 PM

Need Italian Grocery and Bakery in Lawrenceville/Princeton area

I recently moved here from NYC. I still make my monthly pilgrimage to the holy trinity of Madonia, Biancardi, and Mike's in the Bronx. Nevertheless, I have yet to find a good Italian bakery, nor have I found ANY Italian groceries. Is there any place, besides Wegman's, where I can get Soppresatta or Cannoli?

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  1. I don't know if you received an answer by now, but there is a small Italian Grocery store North on Route 27 near North Brunswick. It is named A&G Port store and I think it has a Somerset address, but it's right on Route 27. While your in the area, there is an Italian Pastry Shop on Route 130 in North Brunswick just go up Cozzens Ln cross Rt. 1 to Adams Ln and take Adams Ln to RT 139. It's on the corner and it's called Scala's.

    1. Have you been to Bon Appetit in the Princeton shopping center?
      I don't know if their website does their store justice, but the last time I was there (years ago) it was an exciting place to browse for European groceries.

      1. you also might want to try posting on mid-atlantic...seems anything south of 80 gets put on that board

        1. Perhaps not truly "Italian", but Mendoker's Bakery is close by & very good. Good pies, cakes, sandwiches, etc.

          You can also try A&G Italian in Plainsboro, close by to you also.