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Jan 9, 2007 11:09 PM

Can I cook couscous in a stainless steel pot?...

Will couscous stick to a stainless steel pot? Or will it stick? Any suggestions will be appreciated---I have no other type of pot so I need suggestions to prevent sticking if that is a potential issue.

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  1. It shouldn't be an issue. I always use a stainless pot. Adding a teaspoon of oil wouldn't hurt.

    1. I cook it in a stainless steel pot all the time - boil the water, add the couscous, put the lid on and remove from heat immediately. Let sit for 10 min and fluff. It shouldn't stick at all. I never add oil or butter.

      1. I assume you're talking about the couscous itself - not the stew. Of course it won't stick because it hasn't cooked at all. As jcanncuk said, boil the water, add the couscous, and slam on the lid off heat. I have occasionally sauteed the dry couscous in a bit of olive oil before adding the water, but this doesn't make any difference sticking-wise.

        1. Concur with the rest of the group. I cook couscous all the time in an Allclad SS pan. If you're just heating the water, turning off the heat, adding couscous and lidding it up, you shouldn't have a problem with sticking. Some parts may clump when you fluff, but this is normal.

          1. I'm surprised at this question. Why would it stick? Maybe if it burned... maybe if it's too dry... Maybe all the non stick cookware available (like non-stick stock pots and other completely ridiculous and useless items) has finally made people think that it's an absolute necessity to cook everything in non stick? Really, I'm not trying to be too harsh here I'm actually interested in the thought...