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Jan 9, 2007 11:09 PM

Buffalo Wings in Williamsburg/Greenpoint

There certainly seems to be a dearth of even DECENT wings in these parts. I've lived in the neighborhood for 8 years and have yet to discover anything remarkable. For a short short time Cafe Life 983 or whatever it's called in Bushwick on Flushing had great wings, now they are terrible. Mugs has sometimes decent wings, often awful bleu cheese. Buffalo Cantina's are mediocre to poor; Teddy's are bad, etc. What am i missing, please tell me there is a diamond in the rough!

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  1. i'd stick with mugs... bleu cheese and all. agreed that baffalo cantina's are mediocre and teddy's are terrible.

    other places in the burg with wings: anytime cafe, coney's, union picnic... not an endorsement, just an observation.

    1. I have seen people bring in their own bleu cheese to Mugs....also, the wings at Maracuja aren't that bad.

      1. I brought my own bleu cheese to Mug's last night. Not precisely mine, but rather a container of it that I got from the excellent Candlelight Inn in Scarsdale last week. Mug's wings are still mediocre, they are not hot enough. I tried their bleu cheese, which is really horrendous; literally just sour cream, not a trace of mayo or actual bleu cheese. They should be ashamed. The search continues...

        1. The Candlelight? Is that place still open?

          1. Unfortunately, this is not a good neighborhood for wings.

            - Teddy's has terrible wings and they often undercook them.

            - Mugs' wings are so small I can't tell if I'm eating a chicken or a pigeon wing. They tend to overcook them also.

            - Union Picnic's wings are average, but not meaty enough, and they use way too much sauce.

            - Buffalo Cantina has mediocre wings, but at least you can buy in quantity if you're, say, watching a football game with some buddies.

            - Coney's has no closed, which is sort of a shame, but only because the wings were the only thing on the menu that weren't completely disgusting.

            - I'd avoid anything on the menu at Anytime all-the-time, and any and all costs. Unless, of course, you're drunk and very hungry at 3:00 AM.

            In general, I think NYC is a rather disappointing city when it comes to buffalo wings. I can't think of any buffalo wing destination restaurant in the city.

            Btw, Fresh Direct has some decent wings, and very good blue cheese under their own label. I'm about to eat some of both!