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Jan 9, 2007 10:55 PM

What makes your mouth water?

Food cravings are soo kooky. For me personally, I think a well executed tarte tatin does it for me as a sweet, mouthwatering treat. As far as a savory is concerned, I have a few more:

-Crispy homemade taco (homemade corn tortilla) with succulent meat-juices that drip out

-Juicy porterhouse steak cooked medium/medium rare

-The roasted chicken I made last weekend - stuffed a butter/herb salve under the skin on top of the breast and filled the cavity w/ sliced sweet onion wedges, celery sticks, Italian parsley, lemon wedges, and a healthy pour of EVOO

-A crepe filled with butter and a lemon simply syrup, folded into a triangle and dusted w/ powdered sugar

What do you think is mouthwatering??????

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  1. A fresh crab sandwich on sourdough bread and hot lobster bisque soup bought right on the wharf in S.F. Also, a really good creme brulee. Garlic mashed potatoes. This delicious dish of halibut cheeks that I had while in Seattle. They were lightly breaded, fried and then topped with an incredible champagne sauce. Can't find halibut cheeks here in Sacramento!

    1. A nice 2-3lb. Maine Lobter steamed to perfection with an ample supply of drawn butter...

      1. Oh...those halibut cheeks sound amazing.

        Speaking of bisque, I made an amazing crab bisque as a starter for my roasted chicken. I got the recipe from the Williams-Sonoma Christmas cookbook and added a few things of my own to it (fresh corn kernels, a dash of hot sauce, and thyme). It was AWESOME.

        1. its funny i see this post today, because im in the middle of a week long "fast-cleanse" and today i was at work and the hot lunch special was philly cheese steaks and everytime i had to scoop it out to make a sandwich i would curse to my co-worker that my mouth was literally watering. i have been fine the past few days, but the smell of that meat & cheese melted was killing me. i told her she better make something i hate tomorrow for hot special :)

          1. great sourdough or chiabatta rolls.

            A medium burger char-grilled on a warm summer evening.

            BBQ brisket or pulled pork with a mustard-vinegar sauce.

            fresh crisp/chilled canolli with strong coffee

            mole poblano enchiladas

            hot and sour soup with extra vinegar and hot sauce.

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              BBQ brisket and pulled pork sounds delish! There's a Southern-style BBQ place here in L.A. that used to be great (The Pig, on La Brea), but ever since it changed ownership it's been less than stellar.