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Scoops Ice Cream on Heliotrope MIA?

Drove by on Sunday afternoon and it was locked up tight and have tried to call a couple of times and there's no answer. Please please please confirm that my worst suspicions are untrue! I might have to stop by the bike kitchen for the Scoops scoop but thought I'd check round these parts first.

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  1. I hope not!!! But Some places are just closed for the holidays are just STARTING to get back up...


    1. Scoops has always been closed on Sundays.

      1. I was just there before at the end of December ...

        Maybe on vacation??

        1. i was just there friday jan 5. mr kim was definitely there. served up 4 scoops for us!

          1. Tai's closed on Sundays! No worries! :))))

            (recovering from last night's ice cream high of vegan cookie dough-sunflower seed/jasmine tea)

            1. Definitely alive and kicking, I was just there last Friday as well. And, there have been three Yelp reviews in the past few days too:




              Long live Sc00p's!

              1. I love taking people to this place more then I like the flavors. Everyone is amazed their first tim.

                1. Definitely opened, had (and will blog) about the blackcurrant-balsamic vinegar ice cream I just got last weekend (on Saturday)


                  1. OMG - I went for the first time today. Who knew that cranberry/balsamic ice cream could be so perfectly wonderful on a sunny day in Los Angeles - a perfectly sublime moment today.

                    1. I was very disappointed on the flavors. Yes, the little hole in the wall next to LACC is still there. The manager was so cool though letting me try some flavors. I totally loved the pistachio and the raspberry. Summers around the corner. Yippee for gelato!!!

                      1. SCOOPS is closed on Sundays. But now that Tai has some staff now, there's a possibility of being open 7 days a week. He also told me he's been exploring a second location... :)