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Jan 9, 2007 10:40 PM

In search of some INCREDIBLE sushi!!

Can anyone recommend a FANTASTIC Sushi place anywhere in Manhattan?

The only ones I don't want are, Sushi Seki and Masa. (the latter, because of the price.)

I have around $80 or so to spend and I am craving some delicious sushi!!

Thanks very much.

P.S. Would Jewel Bako be a contender?

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  1. If you don't plan on drinking and are not a huge eater, you can go to Yasuda for $80.

    1. I don't drink when I eat sushi, but when I went to Yasuda last (for lunch)
      I spent $70 for around 5 or 6 pieces.

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      1. re: Buttercream

        $70 for 5 piece? That doesn't make sense to me. Last time I went there I had about 15 pieces that I let Chef Yasuda choose for me and it was around $70 before tax/tip.

        1. re: ESNY

          I agree with ESNY on the lunch pricing. I went with my dad and we each had a soup, 12-15 pieces of sushi including several pieces of toro, a couple ikura, and 1 uni, and we had ice cream and sliced fruit for dessert. The check came to $130 including tax. I had expected it would be higher. I think the price was extremely reasonable considering the quality and originality. Go for it.

          1. re: littleguy

            Another chime in for Yasuda, with the stern warning that you may not be able to hold yourself for a mere 12-15 pieces :).

      2. Its a bit less than that, but I think the sushi at sushi sen-in on 33rd between mad. and park is top notch. the room is just average, but the fish is incredibly fresh and delicious.

        never had anything less than perfect there.

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        1. re: Jenna28

          I love Sushi Sen-nin. Fresh and delicious sushi and sashimi. I think the new room is lovely (much better than the original 34 St. location). They also have an uptown location at Third Ave. & E. 80 St. which also has a lovely room and great fish too.

          1. re: ellenost

            I don't understand the enthusiasm for Sushi Sennin, which based on my one experience doesn't even seem to understand basic sushi principles, ingredients, terms. I don't know how to paste a link so just pasting my reply to a thread on the subject earlier this summer:

            on Aug 01, 2006 dbird replied to eve

            Based on this thread, I ordered delivery from Sushi Sennin today. I have never ordered sashimi delivery for the obvious reasons, but I was craving and couldn't bear to step outside. There were 2 set sashimi lunches, 'matsu' and regular. I ordered matsu ($25) but yielded when the man on the phone recommended regular ($28). He then said 'is spicy ok?'. I clarified that I wanted the sashimi and he said 'yes, maybe you can't eat spicy?' I said I could eat spicy fine but spicy sashimi? Yes, he said, we put different spicy sauces on it. I said I preferred Edo style and no maguro. Then right before I hung up I thought better of it (recalling that they were perhaps more of an experimental place) and said I would have the order as they ordinarily prepared it, but again, no maguro.

            When I received the order I was pleased to find they had included a bag of ice, but about a third of the order was maguro. When I phoned to complain, the man said there was no mackeral. Maguro, I said, maguro-- I am ok with chu-toro or o-toro but I don't eat maguro. No substitutes! he replied. Toro is $10, you want toro? You have to order toro. No, I said, I didn't want toro per se, I just didn't want maguro and you agreed that you would not send maguro--tuna. Tuna, you don't want tuna? You should say you don't want tuna. But I didn't not want tuna, I just didn't want maguro. Toro is $10! You can't substitute tuna!

            At some point it dawned on me that the man didn't have any idea what maguro was and I asked if he were Japanese. Yes, he said, I am Japanese. I said I had thought perhaps he was Chinese (clearly he was Chinese) because he didn't seem to understand what maguro was (of course, this was deduction by synecdoche which is dubious reasoning but still). He got very angry at this and shouted 'you shouldn't ask people where they are from!'

            In the end I requested and received a refund, and the man insisted on sending his poor delivery boy back in the heat to retrieve the order, which struck me as rather cutting off his nose (or perhaps the delivery boy's nose) to spite his face.

            I would be apoplectic if I had gone there and spent anything like the kind of money the original poster laid down.

            1. re: dbird

              Sorry to hear you didn't have a good experience. I've been dining in the restaurant and have ordered take-out for several years and have never had any problems with getting the order 100% right each time with the nicest of service both in the restaurant and ordering by phone.

              1. re: dbird

                Sushi Senin continues to provide great quality and quantity. My favorite eats is the sashimi deluxe and two rolls and maybe another piece or two to split between two. For 80 a person, you would be fine with this--likely even less than 80. Their special rolls are nearly a meal in themselves--explaining the $20-30ish price each.

          2. If you do a search in the Manhattan board, there are at least 100+ posts on Best sushi, Top 10 sushi, high end sushi, or some head-to-head comparisons of sushi places, even by location and by style. I am sure that will get your sushi dinner plan kicking!

            1. Sushi of Gari, Yasuda. best around, rather pricey. you can't eat much bluefin at either for $80... or get the chef special... but you can eat SOME amazing sushi... enjoy fb