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Jan 9, 2007 10:32 PM

Dinner in Hamilton

Looking for a family friendly place (kids are 1 and 3 years) near Theatre Aquarius on King William Street. We know we won't get anything fancy that also caters to little ones, but we do want good even if it's just a burger. Thanks for the help!

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  1. If you are in the mood for German food there is the Black Forest (255 King Street East), for Chinese food go to Le Chinois (173 King Street East). Both places are reasonably family friendly and if you do go to Le Chinois, make sure that you order the orange beef. If you would prefer some nice Italian food (thin crust pizza, pastas), try the casual side of La Cantina (60 Walnut St. S.) - a 3 minute walk from the above choices.

    1. I would agree with Redshifted's choices, especially the orange beef at Le Chinois. Or if you are into pub fare, Slainte (33 Bowen St) is close to La Cantina. It's not a bad place with above average pub food...their curries are nice "British-style" curries...

      1. If you are interested in Greek, there are two discussed in the following post that I've been dying to try.
        Its All Greek to Me" and at "Baranga's on the Beach.

        Not sure if they are close to the Theatre you are going to, as I'm not from Hamilton.

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          Neither of these options are anywhere near the Theatre. Barangas is probably about a 20 minute drive east through Stelco and Dofasco land and It's All Greek to Me is west of downtown aout by McMaster...Barangas is beautiful during the summertime as it is at Confederation Park and is a beachfront property...the food is what one would expect from a Greek restaurant in a tourist spot...

        2. If your kids are adventurous, try Papagayo on King St. It’s relatively close to the theatre and the food is AWESOME. Kid friendly too. If you can’t get them to try Mexican, I would go to La Piazza Allegra on James St. S. Always fabulous food, it's a nice place and again, close to Theatre Aquarius. La Luna is also right there on King St. and I've never met a soul who didn't love the food at this restaurant. Very Mediterranean, the shish tawook is mouthwatering.

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            Papagayo is AWESOME.

            If you want something really simple but yummy, try the Harbour Diner - you'd have to drive it, but it's on James North, so it's an easy trip to/from the theatre -- about 1/2km north of Pho Dau Bo (in post below)... about 2 blocks north of Liuna Station.

            Harbour Diner
            488 James St N, Hamilton, ON L8L1J1, CA

            246 King St W, Hamilton, ON L8P1A9, CA

          2. I would second the recs for Le Chinois (although it's just decent, not terribly exciting) and would also add Wild Orchid on James St N - about 10 blocks from the Theatre. It's really yummy Portugese and I am sure would be family friendly in the early evening. I love the bacalao and onion stuffed bread app - really different, and really good.
            Pho Dav Bo is a great, very casual Vietnamese place nearby (about 6 blocks or so) and there is also B&T (Viet/Thai) which is excellent, cheap and casual as well.

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              Yes Wild Orchid, B&T and Pho Dau Bo are good, but they also take you through some "not so nice" sections of town which is not something I'd want to do at night with small children in unless the kids are *really* adventurous, there wouldn't be much on the B&T menu for them...