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Jan 9, 2007 10:22 PM

Embarcadero Theater vicinity?

Where would you go for an early dinner before a movie if it was mid-week and you wanted casual atmosphere, walk-in easy for under $20pp, alcohol not important? My default would be Out the Door or Hog Island. Are there other places (not in the Ferry Building) in any of the Embarc buildings (or within two or three blocks) that have dinner service?

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  1. Bocadillos comes to mind. And of course it's only a few blocks from Chinatown (probably as close to Portsmouth Square as it is to the Ferry Building).

    1. How about Globe? Just 2 blocks away.

      1. Órale Órale (Mexican), 113 Sacramento
        Sai's (Vietnamese), 505 Washington

        I can't think of anything else within three blocks that's open for dinner, fast, and inexpensive.

        1. The new Osha in EC 4 serves dinner. I fianlly got in there for lunch the other day and I enjoyed my spicy sauteed shrimp salad. It's not cheap but I'm sure most dinner entrees are under 20.00, for sure.