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Jan 9, 2007 09:59 PM

El Rey del Taco truck


Where is this truck located in Astoria? Is it still around? Can anyone else recommend other taco trucks in Queens? Thanks.

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  1. El Rey del Taco is definitely still around. I often see it driving up and down 30th ave, usually in the vicinity of the 30th ave N stop. I have no idea of hours or any way of predicting where the truck may be at any moment.

    1. It is there almost every night usually by 8pm (sometimes earlier). It is between 33rd and 34th sts on 30th Ave.

      1. Its right near Rite Aid on 30th ave. Its always there by 7pm

        1. i'm not a big fan. better mexican to be had elsewhere in astoria, certainly. anyone differ?

          1. I agree. The first time I went, it seemed pretty good. Subsquent visits have all been disappointing so I've written it off. The taco truck on Queens Blvd around 40th st is much better, but not at all convenient to Astoria.