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Jan 9, 2007 09:57 PM

The Staunton Grocery in Virginia

I just read a description of this place on Open Table, and there's a positive review in the local paper. Has anybody been here yet? It sounds pretty interesting.

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  1. Awesome. everything on the menu is sourced from farms and ranches just down the road. The Chef is pretty passionate about keeping it local. must go.

    1. Some good friends went there recently for their anniversary and raved. They say it's worth an overnight trip to Staunton. (Overnight so you can enjoy the wine pairings.)

      1. Just returned from a trip to Staunton, staying overnight at the Frederick Inn (following the recommendation of mojoeater for the overnight stay). Both were wonderful. It was a Sunday night with the forced prix fixe and limited offerings, so we will certainly be returning on a regular night.

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          Just to clarify, it looks like the Sunday Prix Fixe has several (4 or 5) options per course; is that what you had? (My wife has a few dietary restrictions, so if it were a single menu with no options, it would make Sundays hard for us there).

          Sounds like a great way to spend part of a weekend in Staunton.

          1. re: ccbweb

            The Sunday Prix Fixe is three courses (Starter, Main, Dessert), with multiple choices per course. It's $35 per person, with $12 for the wine pairing. The Sommelier/General Manager chooses a different wine to pair with each item on the menu. In my experience, they have been very adaptable to dietary restrictions, but it's always best to let them know ahead of time if you can. It's a great little place- chef owned, and they don't seem to do anything the easy way. I've never been disappointed.

            1. re: ccbweb

              Oh yes, sorry for implying that there was only 1 meal option. There were many acceptable options -- just not the range of the full menu. They were actually quite accommodating. We love foie gras and duck, which is on the regular menu, but seemed unlikely to be on the Sunday menu, so we called ahead, and they arranged for us to have foie gras with our meal (though duck was infeasible). It was our third (dating) anniversary, so I don't know if they were more accommodating because of that, but they were amazingly nice, even starting us off with some champagne gratis for the anniversary.

          2. The original comment has been removed