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Jan 9, 2007 09:30 PM

favorite westside italian!

ISO a great italian place for friday night in santa monica or westside. we would like mid to upper price range for a special dinner. thanks!

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  1. vincenti in brentwood!! yums!

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    1. re: wilafur

      Vincenti is very good, as is Cafe Delfini in Santa Monica Canyon.


    2. Isn't Valentino's (WLA Pico) considered the best?

      1. Our new favorite is Cucina Paradiso in Palms. Although, Matteo's in Westwood, with the newly-installed, former-Rocca chef is getting great reviews.

        With apologies to Russ, my husband and I had a VERY dissappointing meal at Valentio last year (see my posted review, if you're interested.)

        Please report back on what you decide.

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          Where is Cucina Paradiso? Thx. Sorry, just found by searching.

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            matteos sounds interesting...we are taking an old school italian guy and his wife out from philadelphia.matteo's might be the perfect fit. my first choice before making this post was vincente but I was worried it might get way over pricey, there will be 6 of us. I don't want to go cheap but not over the top either.

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              Cucina Paradiso is GREAT. Plus - the prices are much lower than other upscale places like Matteos and Dan Tanas. I think this place is just fantastic. The spinach and goat cheese salad is delicious and so is their bolognese and eggplant parm. YUMMY.

              1. re: dtud

                I've been day-dreaming about the eggplant parmasan, and the polenta!

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                  Ate there a couple of days ago. Was good and I will return, but wondering what the corkage is. Anyone know? Thx.

              2. Vincenzo's on Montana. Awesome, authentic food from an Italian transplant.

                Vincenzo Ristorante
                714 Montana Avenue
                Santa Monica, CA 90403

                1. What about Capo?
                  Giorgio Baldi in the canyon
                  Locanda Portofino on Montana

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                    Valentino has been around forever but it's still fantastic. Amazing wine list, great food, definitely fits the "special" bill.