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Jan 9, 2007 09:27 PM

River Mill Restaurant Kingston

Has anyone on this board been to the River Mill restaurant in Kingstion.

I know of the other good restaurants in Kingston but haven't seen any mention of this particular restaurant.

I looked at their menu and it looks intersting. Any experiences?

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  1. This is WAAAYYYYY out of date, but it used to be lovely. We had our wedding reception there years ago and it was wonderful, a hidden gem in the Kingston food scene at the time. While it's been 15 years, K-town doesn't change that fast...

    1. It is my father's favourite restaurant. I'm having visions of pink carpets and overcooked chicken in cream sauce. Avoid unless you're taking your elderly aunt.

      If you want retro with more style and kitsch try the General Wolfe Restaurant.

      1. Had a lovely meal there for my graduation from Queen's. That was 10 years ago :( As I remember, they had a great wine list and were flexible catering to many needs.

        1. Does anyone know if the original owners still run the place? The overcooked chicken in cream sauce comment could be relevant now (lord know that almost every other "decent" restaurant in Kingston at the time (1990) was like this, save Chez Piggy), BUT they are the only place I have ever been that made caesar salad at your table, from scratch (i.e. raw eggs, real anchovies, grated parmesan etc.). While kitschy, it was the best caesar Salad I ever had.

          My reco would be Le Chien Noir (see my recent review: very affordable but limited Prix Fixe) if the chicken in cream sauce statement is true, but I never did go to the General Wolfe.

          1. When I lived in Kingston (up until 2 years ago) I asked a fellow chow about this restaurant. Her response was that they only ever went there with her parents. Her assessment: if you have either grey or blue hair it may be up your alley, but otherwise there are way better and more interesting choices.