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Jan 9, 2007 08:52 PM

I had a fantastic bottle of white wine last night...Malagousia

I stopped into the Bottlerocket, a wine and spirit store on 19th Street of Fifth Ave in NYC on my way home from work, and asked for some recommendations on a wine to drink that night with dinner. I was making a garlicky chicken marinated in yogurt and lime juice, and needed a white wine that wasn't wimpy. I like Bottlerocket because they pride themselves on stocking wines that aren't your usual run of the mill merlots and chardonnays, blah blah, and they know the unusual varietals. I chatted with the very knowledgeable saleswoman, Vanessa, about what I do and don't like in a white wine, and finally she pointed out a bottle of Greek white, the varietal is called Malagousia and the winemaker is Gerovassiliou. Apparently the grape was nearly extinct but enjoyed a recent revival, and I'm so glad it did. It's a FANTASTIC wine, truly memorable. Light-to-medium bodied, gorgeous bright yellow jewel color, it had subtle oak (and I stress subtle, as most oak jumps up your nose and palette like an invading army) and a lovely floral fruitiness, lots of melon and citrus, maybe even some peach notes.

I rarely post about this stuff, but this wine was so wonderful I had to tell someone! Haha. And for $21 a bottle, I thought I'd share the love among those looking for a reasonably good deal.

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  1. Wow, sounds interesting. In AZ, the wines of Greece are fairly limited, but I'll try and check this one out.

    Many of the younger winemakers are doing some wonderful things with the older grapes of the regions. This sounds like one to search for, even if I have to go to the West Coast to find it.


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      If you can find it, get a case! It's fantastic. I went to buy another bottle after work tonight.

    2. Dear friend, you are so lucky. I have been trying to find Malagousia from the Gerovassiliou estate since I tried it in his winery in Epanomi, in Nothern Greece two years ago. Unfortunately he produces a small amount of bottles, and he only exports them. Gerovassiliou is not your random wine producer. He is considered one of the best six in the world. read here more about him:

      1. The Gerovassiliou Malagousia is indeed an excellent wine. The last vintage that I tasted (which may not be the current one) gave the distinct impression, when first released, of Sancerre meeting Condrieu. Some months later, the wine fleshed out a bit and lost some of its angularity.

        I have heard a credible rumor, in contrast to the notes on the Gerovassiliou web-site, that there is a big dollop of Assyrtiko in the wine, which would explain the citrus and structure.

        Again, an excellent wine.

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        1. re: ckwineguy

          this wine is imported by Sotiris Bafitis. Many of his wines are excellent as well. Check out wines from Argyros and Kir Yianni as well.

          the vintage of malagousia that i tasted did not have assyrtiko, but i do seem to remember that was some new oak aging involved which could account for the roundness mentioned.

        2. What would you say it pairs well with?

          1. I trusted you guys and just bought 6 bottles on