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Jan 9, 2007 08:48 PM

Also looking for good bakeries in Delco or nearby

I live in Drexel Hill and am looking for a good bakery that's reasonably close (Springfield, Clifton Heights, Havertown, Broomall, Narberth, etc.) - mostly a place to get good chocolate baked goods (moist and rich!). I like the Vienna Pastry Shop (funny name for a Greek bakery) for the baklava, spanakopita and tiropitas, but they don't have much for this chocoholic....

Thanks for any suggestions!

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  1. i hear that traub's in prospect park is pretty good.
    also, my MIL goes to orlando's in collingdale - but i find their desserts too sugary sweet.

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      Is Traub's the place on 420 between Chester Pike and MacDade? If so, I've heard good things as well.

    2. Night Kitchen Bakery has an excellent chocolate cake. But it is located in Chestnut Hill. Worth the trip-you will never eat another chocolate cake.
      Also the Bakery House on Lancaster Ave has great cakes.

      1. Where is Vienna??? i love baklava!!!

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          The Vienna Pastry Shop I go to is on West Chester Pike in Upper Darby, between State Rd and Township Line. Their baklava is pretty good. They also make wonderful spakakopita (spinach pie) and tiropitas (cheese pie). We often order trays of them to take home for dinners. They freeze and reheat really well, and the pastry gets nice and flaky!

          There is another Vienna on MacDade near 420 in Ridley Park/Holmes. I haven't been to that one and am not sure if there's a connection to the one in Upper Darby.

        2. I recommend Le Petit Mitron in Narberth (207 Haverford Avenue, across from the train station) for all sorts of French pastries. None better.

          1. Check out Maria's Prime Time Bakery in Folsom:

            233 Morton Ave (at MacDade)
            Folsom, PA 19033

            (610) 532-4720

            I was just there last saturday and was very impressed. They have a best of Delaware County award from one of the local papers or magazines. Traditional place with pastries, doughnuts, wedding cakes, sticky buns, pies and so forth. Do not expect a latte here. Go to the Wawa just down Morton for coffee.
            I happened upon it completely by accident. I was in the area that morning for a sports event.