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Jan 9, 2007 08:41 PM

What's your favorite restaurant in Chambersburg (Trenton)?

I'm posting here because I figure a lot of Philadelphians try the good Italian spots in Chambersburg. Do you have favorites?

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  1. Well, actually, I lived in Yardley for years but found that the Italian food in South Philly was superior to what I found in Trenton so I would always go to Philly for my fix. The exception was DeLorenzos tomato pies on Hudson St, which I have not found the likes of anywhere else. One place I really like in Trenton that is not Italian but Portugese/Spanish is Malaga on Lalor Street. Good food, large portions, friendly service.

    1. I've heard rave reviews about DeLorenzo's Tomato Pies on Hudson so I have to make the road trip. I've also heard the DeLorenzo's on Hamilton makes an unbelievable pizza too.

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        I have never heard anyone say anything negative about DeLorenzo's (on Hamilton), so I guess I'll have to be the first. I was shocked at how average it was. Particularly the hard and flavorless crust. Toccanelli's in Philly, while far from perfect, at least has the smokiness of the crust right and a bold sauce and marinated sweet peppers going for it.

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          DeLorenzo's on Hudson is definitely the way to go. I only went to the Hamilton Ave. location once to do a comparison between the two and it was so average I never went back.

          One thing you should know about Hudson - they now have a cop stationed out front at all times.

      2. The reviews I read favored Hudson Street.

        1. This isn't Chambersburg but I really like Blue Danube on Adaline St. Eastern european food. Small place -reservations needed but delicious.