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Jan 9, 2007 08:24 PM

any place serving indian food on banana leaf?

In Malaysia, where I grew up, there is a style of eating Indian food where the restaurant uses banana leaves in place of plateware, you eat with your hands, and service is family style or all-you-can-eat. For some reason, it's so much better that way ... and I miss it. Anyone heard of this in the NYC Metro area? It's possible that it's considered a health code violation and I am out of luck.

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  1. some of the dishes in Sanur (Manhattan chinatown) are served on banana leaves (on plates though), but I've never seen anyone eating with hands. I suppose you can use your hands if you like.

    1. This is not uncommon in southern India. It saves on washing dishes and you don't have to worry about the caste or hygiene of previous users. So if you found it here, it would be in a southern Indian place. Or Malayan... a lot of places do as described by welle above.

      1. Oh how I wish I was back in Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia, eating the delicious mutton kurma at Hameediyah restaurant! I'd love to find something similar here in NYC.

        1. what you are talking about are thali meals, in india they are all-you-can-eat and in s. india typically served on banana leaves.

          Don't know of any place in the outer boroughs, tho perhaps there is one in floral park (kerala kitchen? usha foods?)

          there won't be a banana leaf, but you could try vatan, a veg gujurati restaurant on 3rd and 29th. haven't been there for a few years (is it still in business?) but if so they do an all-you-can-eat thali. other places do thalis but they aren't all-you-can-eat.

          Otherwise, try one of the lunch buffets at one of the south indian places in little india (around lex and 28th). They vary in quality, so check on the manhattan board to see which is the best right now.

          1. Saravanna's on Lexington & 26th does a wonderful South Indian thali (but no banana leaf).

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