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Jan 9, 2007 08:24 PM

Duck Stock

So for Christmas I made many friends and family duck confit. These left me with a few duck carcasses which I made into stock which has left me with a large quantity of duck stock. Yes I have frozen a lot of it but what do I do with it now? Is it too powerful for Risotto?


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  1. I've seen recipes that call for duck stock as a substitute for chicken stock in certain types of risotto (including, obviously, Duck Risotto).

    1. it is very good to use as a base for any oriental soup - such as wonton.

      1. If its too "dark" or powerful, you can always mix half-and-half with chicken stock.

        Duck stock will give great flavor to many dishes.
        Make a risotto with sage, bleu cheese, topped with walnuts and shredded duck confit.... heaven in a bowl.