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Apr 22, 2005 07:33 PM

Bodega Bay- where to eat?

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Some friends from the midwest are planning a visit here in mid-May and I'm in charge of finding good eats (which I am very excited about).

However, we'll be staying in Bodega area I'm not too familiar with. My friends are up for great eating, but there's no way they'll drive more than 40 minutes to get Manka's is out. (darn)

Any recommendations closer to town? All prices ranges, any type of cuisine...although local-centric is best.

thanks in advance!

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  1. f
    Frank Escobar

    The Dog House isn't high end eating but this shack does have some great hamburgers and all you can eat french fries. Good milkshakes can be purchased next door. I like it much better than the Tides and Lucas Wharf and their generic seafood platters.

    1. The Duck Club at the Bodega Bay Lodge & Spa is excellent. Enjoy the property while you're there, it's a beatiful place to stay. ***kim***

      1. the boat house has great fish & chips.

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          I'll second the BH. Sometimes I'll order the fried oysters instead of fish.

        2. The Seaweed Cafe -- for breakfast. The red flannel hash is spectacular, the pancakes are reported great (I'm not a pancake person).
          It's in Bodega Bay. It's small. You can talk to the owners. Good atmosphere.
          they do dinner and lunch too. And events like book readings/author events.

          1. The restaurant at Bodega Harbour is excellent. Wonderful ocean views and great food. Lunch every day, dinner on Friday and Saturday.