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Jan 9, 2007 08:21 PM

Any C'Hound Baby Boomers?

I was wishing recently that the Dugan's delivery truck still came around. I'd love to have the driver come up my front walk and hand me a box of Whole Wheat raisin muffins for breakfast. My mother didn't drive and we had all our food delivered by the appropraite service; butcher, fruit and vegetables, fish, etc.
What food service came to your house?

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  1. Not my house, but when I would visit my grandmother - the summer afternoons when the Schwans truck would deliver always meant ice cream treats - loved to hear that truck come up the gravel road!

    1. 1960's NJ:

      - Good Humor - every night while we sat on the stoop. Oh how I miss the bittersweet chocolate sundae and for an extra 5-cents you could buy the pop with the chocalte bar in the center
      - Vegetable truck - every saturday a truck came up and the back was converted into a single aisle vegetable truck. You could buy fruits, veggies, all in a paper bag, weighed on a scale that hung for the ceiling
      - Milk - Can still get milk delivery in CT, but milk was delivered to our house in glass bottles. Butter as well.

      That's about it

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        We got milk delivery in Great Bridge, VA in the mid 80s. I remeber we had a metal box on the front step and it came in glass bottles and everything.

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          Yep, I lived in Hackensack til I was 10, then moved to Jersey Shore area...we also had milk delivery in Hackensack (I don't remember the name of the dairy but I do remember my younger brother trying to carry a 1/2 gallon bottle in when he was like 4 or 5 and he dropped it of course, broken glass & milk all over the place...where the heck was an adult??? Not sure how the 5 of us survived but anyway...) ...I remember Dugan's, too. Oh, wait...Mr. Softee Ice cream truck also came around.

      2. Charlie Chips still delivered potato chips in New Jersey into the 70's.

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        1. re: Chris Rising

          I'm from Shreveport, LA and I remember Charlie Chips too!

          1. re: Texchef

            I do remember getting milk delivered. Charles Chips was a regular at our house

        2. As a kid in Savannah, mid-50's the Starland Dairy still used horse drawn milk carts. The drivers would often let us ride a block or two. Of course the milk was in glass bottles.

          Another childhood memory was living in Japan and every night hearing the Soba man calling out his noodles for sale. It was usually my bed time then and it was what I fell asleep to each night.

          1. Cushman's bakery truck (we still rib our Mom about "Baker")

            A number of different milk delivery trucks were available. Remember the paper coins in the waxed/folded paper caps on the milk bottles? A picture of my Dad as college football hero was on one of them during the early 50's.

            Don't remember any other food deliveries besides the ice cream trucks.

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              Cushmans-black and white truck? Fuller brush salesman.

              1. re: sandramrma

                Sorry sandramrma, I meant to reply to you, not to myself.

                So, apparently you were there. I didn't remember Cushman's black & white trucks, but we also had the Fuller Brush Man.

                1. re: RIChowderhead

                  Was surfing...Looking for a model truck (Cushman's Bakery Circ 50-60) saw your comments..thought I would add mine. I worked at Cuchman's Bakery, Portland, Maine late 50's to 61, both production and delivery...Great place until they sold out and a sorry union outfit moved in witrh the wrong ideals...Best products in New England....remanents of the bakery remain in Portland...go to Tony's Donuts...hand cut and delicious. Bob

                  1. re: baileyrcjr

                    Does anyone remember a delivery employee named Jack Peoples? He was a good guy and we couldnt wait for him to deliver!