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The best mole in Manhattan?

It's an endless search...

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      1. The mole at Maz Mescal on 86th and 2nd is pretty good... can't say it is the best in Manhattan though.

        1. I love Noche Mexicana, 101 and Amsterdam.

          1. I actually really like the mole at Barrio Chino on the LES.

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              Haven't tried it yet, but Carlos L. The executive chef from Les Halles and a native of Puebla told me bario chino is awesome. He is convinced they are bringing the mole from Puebla

            2. Ok, because people recommended Taqueria Y Fonda and I went up there this weekend, only to be very disappointed by the tasteless, bitter mole poblano. I'll try these, thanks!

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                I have to disagree. I am a mole freak (I've tried it everywhere in search of the best) and I freaking DIE over the mole at taqueria y fonda. It is rich and delicious. I had it last night for dinner!

              2. I second maz mescal its super tasty

                1. Rick Bayless has a killer red mole recipe. It's time-consuming, but what a terrific way to spend a frigid winter afternoon. You can buy everything you need to make it -- all chiles, spices, Mexican chocolate, etc. -- at Kitchen Market on 8th Ave in Chelsea.

                  Go to http://www.starchefs.com/james_beard/... and scroll down past the tamale recipe. Enjoy!

                  1. I always get shot down over this rec but we really like the mole @ El Parador!!