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Jan 9, 2007 08:04 PM

Help! Late-night place to eat for over and unders, downtown?

So I have a small problem - some of my friends are coming into town for the weekend, and are looking for a good dinner late Sat. night. However, being at that awkward college age where some of us are over 21 and some are under, we need a place that will let us eat a late dinner, without regulating on the under 21's. Are there any places (preferably downtown) where we could go, so we can all eat and bum around, but those of us who are overs still have the option of having a few beers?! Thanks!

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  1. How nice and how far downtown?

    This is the first place that came to mind -

      1. Moe Pitkins would be a great spot you also may want to check Otto - could do bottles of wine and the juniors may be able to get a few glasses. Pretty much any place in the East Village that is more restaurant than bar will let you linger; especially if you make a reservation.

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          I agree with Otto--it's a really fun place and good for a group. Another possibility is the Village Yokocho restaurant on Stuyvesant(sp?). They have Beer, sake, and Japanese snacks. I've been going there since the age of 22 and have never been carded.


          1. i saw a bunch of young women celebrating someone's 21st birthday at kum gang san last saturday. most of them didn't look over 18. you could probably go anywhere in k-town and have your unders be able to drink...