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Jan 9, 2007 07:54 PM

Japanese Curry Rice Bowls

When I was living in Portland, OR I was introduced to a mom and pop Japanese place and I craved their curry rice bowls (a light brown colored curry, usually with chicken) - had this several times a week (perhaps to the dismay of my coworkers). Where can I find this in Atlanta? Genki has one and I'm sure other places, jyst not sure where....I am in the Midtown/VA Hi area...

I need a fix!!!

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  1. Just for reference: I got the new Saveur a few days ago, and there's a recipe for Japanese curry in the Saveur 100.

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    1. Any luck finding Japanese Curry yet in the ATL area? I work in the Midtown area and live north of Marietta, I have found nothing unfortunately.

      Thanks, Chris