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Reception Location in/near Mountain View -- chinese banquet

My fiance and I are having our wedding ceremony in Mountain View Jan 08 so we're looking for our reception to be nearby Mtn View
. We live in San Jose.

Ive taken a look at older Chinese Banquet chowhound postings, but wanted to see if there was any new opinions, new found restaurants, especially ones closer to Mountain View. SF is probably too far for our guests. (Its already going to be a long day as we're trying to incorporate our Western, Chinese, and Korean cultures)

We are open to Country Clubs and Hotels, but are struggling because of our tight budget and guest list ~200-250 guests.

So far Ive only found Ming's in Palo Alto, so will check that out.

All help GREATLY appreciated, Thanks!!!

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  1. I can't think of any place that might accomodate 200+ people in Mountain View. But in Cupertino, you can check out Joy Luck or Dynasty. In Sunnyvale - Hong Kong Saigon Harbor

    1. Options in Mtn View are a bit limited. I had a wedding rehearsal dinner at Ming's and it was fine. The staff is very professional and know how to handle large groups.

      As wendy mentioned, Joy Luck and Dynasty are popular options.

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        Hi All,
        Its been awhile since Ive posted, but I have done more research and was hoping to get some opinions if you've been to these recently:

        **Ming's (Mtn View)
        **Hong Kong Saigon Seafood Harbor Restaurant (Sunnyvale)
        **Pan Tao Seafood (Sunnyvale)
        **Loon Wah (Cupertino)

        I live in LA right now so I havent checked the spaces out. Restaurant Ambiance? Food rating for banquets/dinner? Customer Service? Prices?

        All responses greatly appreciated, Thanks!

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          i can't comment on the other places you have found but i have been to a wedding banquet at ming's - about a year ago. the list of dishes was pretty long - many were seafood if i recall correctly.
          the pre-dinner appetizers were outside and it was mostly things like eggrolls and the like.

          the banquet is set apart from the main dining area and it's quite large - big enough to accomodate a large crowd with space for dancing, etc. the wedding i attended actually had the wedding at ming's along with the photos aferwards and then dinner so it seems like they can accomodate a lot of needs.

      2. Ming's food is mediocre despite its decor and service catering to the wealthier crowd; many of its customers are non-Chinese. Dynasty in Cupertino is your best bet if you're looking for authentic high-end Cantonese food.


        1. Ming's is more expensive but the food really isn't bad. the banquet appetizer plate has jellyfish salad and baby octopi, for example--authentic enough to make fussy eaters squirm delightfully. What you're paying for is decor, of course, and service: the staff really knows how to handle large parties, and they are quite accomodating. if you're trying to throw a wedding banquet, the restaurant service and staff can be just as important as the quality of the food. they understand this at Ming's.

          I can't comment on the banquet service at the other places, though certainly Pan Tao and Dynasty have excellent food.

          1. I've been to more wedding receptions at Ming's then I care to remember. No real complaints, food is well prepared and they are able to accomodate the group well. In my opinion that is much more important then fantastic mind blowing food at a wedding reception. They've proven again and again they are up to the task, and execute it beautifully.

            Dynasty in Cupertino can definitely accomodate a group that size, we've had company dinners there with over 500 in attendence. Food is good and consistant through the most part, however the staples such as fried rice and chow mein were lacking. assuming they just cooked these in giant batches and just shoveled them onto plates. Service is not up to par and although food is decent, you get the whole 'hotel catered/cooking for the masses' vibe.

            1. I don't think Ming's is that bad. I've had their banquet meal and it was pretty good. I would pick Ming's over Dynasty if your guest list includes a lot of non-Asians as I think Ming's is a lot more accommodating and flexible, both food and service-wise. Dynasty is very authentic but service is brusque. In either case, both will not be very inexpensive. You may want to look into China Stix in Santa Clara if budget is a main concern.

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                actually you reminded me of another restaurant. as previously noted, i agree with all your points. ming's > dynasty : food is decent and service is superb. where as dynasty has good food but questionable service.

                hong fu in cupertino might be worth looking into. yes it is in a strip mall, however food, service and environment is pretty much on point.

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                  I was surprised by Hong Fu. I thought it was a bad American-Chinese restaurant from the look of the exterior, but the banquet I went to their was actually pretty good. The food and service were both excellent, although don't go there expecting shark's fin and abalone, just well done renditions of the basic stuff (fried chicken, whole fish, chow mein, etc.). I remember in particular the salt & pepper fried shiitake mushrooms which were incredibly addictive.

                  I don't think they can accommodate 200-250 guests, though.

              2. As mentioned the food at Ming's is fine, just not mind-blowing and the real reason to go is overall package, service, facility, and set-up. Been to a few wedding banquets and large parties there. The staff is good and they make it very easy on you, plenty of parking, etc. If you're worried about the food, I'd test it or eat there. There's definately some weird Americanized "chop suey" food but you just don't order it.

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                  Awesome, thanks fellow Chowhounds! Thanks for the continual feedback :)
                  My friend stopped by **Hong Kong Saigon Seafood Harbor Restaurant (Sunnyvale) last week and showed me some nice pics of the place. She had dimsum there and said the it was great. She said the starting banquet menu price was $488 though.
                  I'm definitely going to try Ming's for dinner when I fly back in a couple weeks.

                  Anyone have thoughts on:
                  **Pan Tao Seafood (Sunnyvale)
                  **Loon Wah (Cupertino)
                  Restaurant Ambiance? Food rating for banquets/dinner? Customer Service? Prices?

                  All responses greatly appreciated, Thanks!

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                    While I like the dim sum at HK Saigon Seafood Harbor in Sunnyvale, so far the dinner reports (including mine) have not been as good. It does have a lot of hard surfaces and is quite loud inside. That said, the ambiance is nicer than Pan Tao or Loon Wah.

                    What about Taipan in Palo Alto?
                    I've not been there yet, but I hear the inside is beautiful and contemporary. The largest banquet room seats 150, but you can also buy out the whole place for a bigger crowd.

                    1. re: Melanie Wong

                      Is Taipan in the former HK Flower Lounge space? If so, I've walked by and it looks REALLY nice. Didnt' stop and eat but the appearance is impressive from what I saw.

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                          Very so-so food, for the price. Of course you're paying for the service and stunning decor. They told me they got a lot of business after Michael Bauer reviewed the restaurant. In his review, he mentioned every table was ordering this flounder, where the bones were deep-fried after the chef took the meat out of this fish. When I got that dish, there was so much batter around the bones when I was expecting crispy thin bones that would go well with wine. To me that showed lack of skills in the chef.

                          I won't go back unless I hear some really positive comments.


                2. Unfortunately Taipan is too small for my party of 200-250 ppl. But I did like their decor a lot.
                  HK Saigon did have beautiful decor but starting price of $488 is a lot more expensive than starting price of Mings $298. I havent compared menus yet. Any thoughts?