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Jan 9, 2007 07:48 PM

Where are you going for Winterlicious?!

Has anybody made reservation?!

I so far have bookings for dinner at Corner House and Pangaea.

I know the 'licious reputation of Pangaea - so I look forward to seeing how bad it really is :p

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  1. I thought the reservations weren't open until the 11th

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    1. re: paper_bag_princess

      amex holders have an early reservation period starting today. that's what you get when they sponsor the event ;)

      1. re: pinstripeprincess

        For most restaurants, all you need to give them is the first 4 digits of any Amex card. Any friend with an Amex could help you out!

        PS I'm not going to do any 'licious ever again. Too many small meals with poor value, poor service and rushed atmosphere. That being said, my favourites in the past included Corner House, so you'll have fun, Tboy!

        1. re: pinstripeprincess

          getting a giggle out of pinstripeprincess telling paperbagprincess about the Amex card

          1. re: orangewasabi

            there's a lot of royalty roaming the boards these days.

        1. re: paper_bag_princess

          3733 is all you need. I am also "off" winterlicious. I prefer the full meal deal.


        2. Booked lunch at Il Posto and the 4 Seasons

          Dinner at Celstin and Romagna Mia.

          Might try to sneak in a few other meals spur of the moment

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          1. re: superizzy

            oh, i saw the menu at romagna mia and it looked wonderful. I have eaten there several times and always had a fantastic experience. I was actually quite excited about the winterlicious menu bc it is different than the regular menu. I was really disappointed to see that Toronto Life gave it 2 stars (1/2 star down from last year no less), and am beginning to wonder if my palate is really that off, because i thought there food was sooo delicious! p.s. i have brought people from italy there (very discerning palates) and they said it was wonderful, and as good as restaurants in italy.

          2. Yup I have!
            We're going to Tutti Matti, Provence Delices, Mildred Pierce and Aqua.

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            1. My wife and I are going to Gianni E Maria and Auberge du Pommier. She made our Amex resos today...