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Jan 9, 2007 07:33 PM

anniversary dinner

For our anniversary, my husband and I are going to "take a break" (escape?) from our 11 mo. twin boys and stay the night at XV Beacon. Any suggestions for dinner? Before we had kids we ate out quite a bit - but not so much in the last 11 mons. So, we are feeling a little out of the swing of things. Is No. 9 Park still a special meal? Should we try something new?

Thank you for your advice.

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  1. I'm hearing wonderful things about Sorellina.

    1. I second Sorellina. Great food, nice service, beautiful space. Perfect anniversary place-tables spaced well and quiet.

      1. Yes, No. 9 still is special.

        1. A bunch of friends and I headed to Grotto for dinner last weekend but hit the bar area at #9 first for cocktails. I am always impressed with their service. We started out as just 4 people or so but grew to about 15. With each addition to our party, they were extremely accommodating in finding table space and chairs for us. An added bonus is Matt who used to bartend at Davio's, moved to NYC and then came back to Avila, is now at #9.

          Another great special occasion place is Clio in the Eliot Hotel.