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Jan 9, 2007 07:33 PM

Hosting a 'Backwards' dinner party-need help with ideas


My girlfriends and I regularly host themed dinner parties. I am hosting the next one and it is going to be a 'backwards' dinner party. Desert first, then main course, salad then appies. I need some idea for backwards, upside down, inside out items to serve. So far i have only thought of an upside down cake, or reverse chicken cordon bleu. I am sure there are some great ideas out there so please send them my way!!

Thanks so much!

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    1. re: orangewasabi

      hahah, i just checked the turducken out. Excellent idea, but it looks very timely (ie. deboning a chicken, a duck and a turkey). It did make me think of perhaps cooking up a turkey breast and then surrounding it with stuffing though, which could be an easier alternative.

      1. re: Funkypants

        I believe there are purveyors that you can order an already prepared (but not cooked) turducken from, why don't you try Googling it. Don't forget, you are paying for both a turkey, duck and chicken, pre-prepared, so it might cost a few bucks.

        1. re: ChinoWayne

          You can get prepared, uncooked turduckens. Obviously, though, you have to make sure the majority like duck, etc.

          1. re: luv2bake

            I have been reading up on the turducken and the cooking process can take as long as 15 hours...sheesh. I have found a local butcher that does sell them though. I am liking the idea of roasting a turkey breast and rolling it in stuffing. What would be some nice backwards side dishes?

            1. re: Funkypants

              Instead of mashed potatoes and gravy with your turkey, can you scoop out the potato, mash it, and put it AND the gravy back in the baked potato skin? So, it looks like a gravy-stuffed-baked potato?


              1. re: The Dairy Queen

                Thats a great idea. Or even just making stuffed baked potatoes would work.

    2. I think you should actually make a pineapple right-side-up cake.

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      1. That recipe looks great, may I ask what is a bomb mold?

        1. re: Funkypants

          It's spelled bombe mold if you want to google it. It's a mold for fancy ice cream desserts -- think bundt pan without the tube in the middle ;-)

      2. Uramaki sushi -- the rice instead of nori is on the outside, and I think it literally means inside-out.

        Anything that's stuffed could be assembled more like a casserole -- reverse the layers of your lasagna, put the sauce inside your pasta shells and cover it all with a cheese mixture, roll the meat inside the stuffing, just thinking out loud, not sure how the execution would work...

        Upside down brownie sundae -- chocolate sauce on the dish, ice cream on top of that, with a brownie balancing on top...

        Shell some snow peas or similar beans where you eat the pod as well as the peas, and cook up both parts together, so that the peas are on the outside instead of the inside...

        1. Inside-out stuffed bell peppers (basically the rice/tomato/cheese/meat mixture in a caserole dish, with the bell peppers either diced and mixed in, or cut into strips and layered throughout).

          A finely chopped salad on large "croutons".

          1. What a clever theme! I'm part of a monthly supper club and we're always looking for fun and different themes...I'm going to suggest this one!