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Jan 9, 2007 07:17 PM

Karibou off of Moody St in Waltham

I've noticed there hasn't been mention of this place on the boards yet, so I thought I would kick things off.

Karibou is the name and it's located on Cresant St. off of Moody St in Waltham, MA. This isn't the correct address but this will get you to the right area and I know that it is on the even numbered side of the street.

The couple that own and operate the place are African but I'm not sure from which part. I think that the food is west African and very different from the other African food I've had (Ethiopian) which makes a lot of sense being from the other side of the continent. In fact, the food style reminds of Caribbean cuisine, which also makes a lot of sense. The place is new and there is no menu yet. They serve everything at their counter for either takeout or eating in. There is a open seating area which is nice and clean, which could probably seat 30 people.

Because there wasn't a menu I'm not exactly sure what I was eating was called or how much each component of the meal cost, but I'll give you a rough picture. There was a bed of rice, which I then had the option of topping with either chicken, catfish or a meat dish (I think it was beef.) I went with the chicken and my dining partner went with the fish. We both had the sauteed spinach, which had some peas, carrots and other veggies in there. Also we opted for the beans (in a sauce) on top of our rice. The beans were like pinto but they weren't as pink and some were marbled on the outside. By the time I saw that there were plantains there was no room in the container with all the other food. I told the woman who was serving us to just stuff it in there and that it would be ok touching everything else. While we were waiting to decide what we wanted to order the woman gave each of us a spiced beef samosa. Everything we ate was good and there was ridiculous amount of food. If I went back I would probably skip the entree section and make a meal out of the rice, beans, veggies and beef samosa. I'm telling you, those pyramids of flavor are worth the trip. The two meals and two spiced teas came out to a little more than $20. A very good bargain.

Some of the food we saw but did not try: potatoes (the woman said sweet potatoes, but they were clearly not the oranges ones I'm familiar with, which leads me to believe these are a kind of potato I've never had) which I think are topped with the peanut sauce w/ mushrooms. Also there were some other savory-looking baked goods in the case with the samosas.

In a city with little African cuisine, I hope this place finds it's niche and does well. I hope you all try it and tell us all about it.

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  1. Thanks for pointing this place out. I actually live on Crescent St, so I will give it a shot. I assume from your map that it's across from Cronin's Landing? On the same side at the Asian Grill on the corner?

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    1. re: Ali G

      Exactly. It's a few store fronts down Cresant St from Moody and on the opposite side from Cronin's Landing.

    2. I went looking for Karibou this evening and couldn't find it. Where exactly is it? I looked up and down Crescent Street from the Asian Grill to Maple Street, and couldn't find it, or even another restaurant-looking place at all!

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        I had a hard time finding it myself and after several drive-bys, finally noticed it tucked back from the street, to the left of Cronin's Market. Now I have to actually get in there to try to the food!

        1. re: alt11

          Stopped in this past Sat night and it turns out they have not yet officially opened. Sounds like they've got minimal takeout at the moment. The extremely nice man I spoke with told me they're planning a "soft opening" for the first week of March with a more grander opening of sorts to follow. He was thrilled to hear word was already spreading!

      2. I wanted to post an update that the correct spelling is Karibu, not Karibou as I had previously posted. Here's another lengthy review of the place: