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Jan 9, 2007 07:15 PM

Looking for good food and great service in TINLEY PARK, IL - near W. 159th street?


I'm looking for a local upscale but not too upscale (no chains) restaurant with excellent service as close as possible to the following address:

8000 W. 159th Street, Tinley Park, IL 60477

I would like to give a gift certificate. Food type might be continental, American or Italian? Maybe a delicious steak house?

If anyone can help it will be greatly appreciated.


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  1. I ate at Tin Fish prior to a concert at World/Tweeter/First Midwest/whatever Amphitheater a few months ago, and it was excellent! They specialize in seafood. It's about four miles from the address you mentioned.

    Tin Fish
    18201 S. Harlem Ave.
    Tinley Park

    The Tribune review is at

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    1. re: nsxtasy

      Sounds good. I took a look at the website. Great suggestion. Thx

    2. Try Gatto's. Excellent Italian with good prices. Great food and service. 5-10 minutes south of 159th
      8005 183RD St, Tinley Park, IL
      Tel: (708) 444-7400

      1. You could try Cooper Hawk at 157th and Harlem. It is a working winery with great food. It's highly recommended by many friends that go there.

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        1. re: koolaidmixer

          Oh I would not recommend Cooper Hawk. I've never been satisfied with the food there. Everything is over-sauced, and the sauces don't pair with the wines well. Plus, they are often "out" of their own wines! Once, I ordered their Riesling and the waitress simply substituted a grocery store chardonnay, without even telling me!

          Tin Fish is fantastic though! How close to 159th do you want to stay? If you are willing to drive 10 minutes or so, you can go to Burgundy Bistro over in Olympia Fields at the corner of Gov. Hwy and Vollmer. Some of the best food in the South Suburbs, and a four fork rating from the Tribune.

          1. re: tzurriz

            oops, didn't realize this was an older thread. sorry.

            1. re: tzurriz

              keep coming up with more rec's,

              Tinley and Orland area is one of a couple of my routes home from work, and I see alot of chains down here, but am always looking for something good. I typically shoot down Route 83 to La Grange Road.

              1. re: swsidejim

                Until a week ago, I lived at 167th and Oak Park, now I'm at 189th and Pulaski. I grew up at 167th and Pulaski, we are seriously talking my neck of the woods here. :)

                The Patio has excellent ribs. They are on 159th, just west of harlem.

                Canoe Club over in Orland, on 94th and 150th (? -- near the second mall) has great seafood and really nice bar area. They are way loud though.

                Casa Margarita, also over by that mall has very good Mexican food. They recently changed their plating, and the portions, while formerly generous are now frankly ridiculous. The food is delicious though, especially if you get away from the "burrito, enchilada, fajita" section of the menu and try some of their steak and fish dishes. I believe Casa Margarita is part of a chain though. I'm pretty sure Orland is their second location, with their first being in LaGrange.

                1. re: tzurriz

                  Ive been to The Patio in Burr Ridge/Willowbrook, and Bolingbrook, ok ribs. Although I prefer Honey 1, or ribs on my own smoker.

                  I want to check out Canoe Club, I have heard the food is ok, but the main reason I want to go is so my 1 year old daughter can see the big fish tanks I heard they have.

                  I think I have Mexican covered with Amanacer Tapatio in Joliet, but thanks for the rec.

                  I posted down below that I tried Gatto's, and for basic Italian it was inexpensive, and ok.

                  Any good steakhouses, italian, pub, or other non-chain places that are interesting & good?

                  I go the route I mentioned when I go to the Costco in Orland after work so I can quickly hop on I-80 instead of fighting the traffic on I-55 & Route 59 to go to the Costco in Naperville. I live about 45 miles west of the Costco in Orland, but work in Burr Ridge daily. We are always looking for an excuse to stop & eat dinner instead of going straight home.


                  1. re: swsidejim

                    Hmmm, my sister says that Durbin's (it's in Tinley, but I'm not 100% clear on where at the moment) is very good, but I've never been there.

                    For steaks, we generally go to The Glenwood Oaks, which is a bit out of your way on Main, east of Halsted.

                    Bellagio's in Homewood has decent Italian, I wouldn't call it great though. I'm having trouble finding really good Italian, since moving back to the area. I lived away for several years and got spoiled. ;)

                    Oh, Harrison's is quite good. It's in Orland, just off LaGrange over by the Target -- which would put it at 159th street. Excellent brewery. I love their ribs (they aren't BBQ as I've been informed here, but still very very good), and creative New Orleans ish (emphasis on the "ish") dishes. Again, the portions are ridiculous.

                    The shark tanks at Canoe Club are very cool indeed, but just so you know, they are in the bar -- which gets quite crowded and can be a meat market on high traffic nights.

                    1. re: tzurriz

                      thanks for the tips, I appreciate the info on the Canoe Club's shark tanks

                2. re: swsidejim

                  Oh, and Flossmoor has a few really good restaurants too. Fresh Starts in downtown Flossmoor (yes, there is such a place) is FANTASTIC, although a wee bit pricey. It is one of those places for "ladies who lunch" during the day, and is full of doctors, lawyers and accountants for dinner. One of the secret gems. They also have a great wine list.

                  They just emailed out their "fall menu" and I can't wait to try the Soba Duck Confit or the Lavender Seared Ahi Tuna.

                  1. re: tzurriz

                    OK -- Patio -- right on for ribs -- unless you like Apple or Honey stuff (Off to Chili's with you Hahaha!)
                    Canoe Club is currently closed. They plan to re-open
                    Mexican - El Cortez (183 and Cicero) Nuf said
                    Steak - Krepils 6600 W11th Been there since the 1930's -- woth the wait.
                    For I talian -- Devono's 14249 Wolf Rd -- Chicago Taylor Street Style
                    Sam Buca's -- 12231 S Harlem Ave - Great - very creative, good wine list

                    I have not been to the Homewood/Flossmoor area -- gotta put that on my list...

                    1. re: ArJohn

                      Well, if you want to try Burgundy Bistro, do it fast. The owners have decided to retire and are looking to either sell or simply close the place down! /cries

                      I haven't tried Devono's. I've been so frustrated and disappointed with Italian in the area lately.

                      Did we ever mention Tin Fish? on Harlem in Tinley? One of my favorites by far.

                      Oh, and sorry for this off-topic: Is this the same ArJohn as on Bookcrossing? Small world! If so, we need to get together again!

                    2. re: tzurriz

                      I have been to Flossmoor 3 times for lunch we like Flossmoor Station for a sandwich, a few beers, and a growler to take home.

                3. re: tzurriz

                  Got to say - first visit to Coopers Hawk-- very good. Only complaint was that the crab cakes were not crisp. Everything was very good. The Jambalya was excellent and the appetizer (SW Eggrolls were great - the Cashew sauce was our fav.). So I'd recommend it.

              2. Gatto's is superb for simple Italian. Great food and great folks. Jack Gibbons' is 80+ years old and still get the job done with big steaks. Sadly they haven't painted or got new place settings since Roosevelt.

                1. Gatto's is really nice, reasonable, and fun. Try the Garbage Salad. It's basically an antipasto (cheese, salami chunks) with olives, pepperoncinis, lettuce and a really tangy Italian dressing.

                  Go to Bogart's Steak House in downtown TP. Excellent dry-aged steaks, other very nice entrees, and BE SURE to have the French Onion soup.