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Jan 9, 2007 07:12 PM

Seeking Russian white bread

I know the obvious place to find this bread would be Brighton Beach, what I'm really looking for is specific names of bakeries that carry Russian white bread.

I moved to Brooklyn from Madison, WI and there was a great little bakery there run by a Russian family - I still really miss their 'Russian white' and decided to try to find it around here. How hard could it be? :)

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  1. Go to the Russian Bread Store on Brighton Beach Ave and Brighton 1st. They have white bread, grey bread, black bread, Borodinsky and Orlovsky too. My favourite hands down is Borodinsky - dark rye with coriander seeds. If you haven't tried that before, I recommend it!

    The address is 129 Brighton Beach Avenue, but the actual shop entrace is around the corner on Brighton 1st street (look for a yellow awning). The phone is 718-372-8530. They'll slice your bread for you if you ask.

    Also, most of the Russian stores in Brighton Beach and Rego Park sell these same types of bread pre-packaged - not baked in-house, but some are from small regional bakeries and can be quite good if fresh.

    Finally, although it's Polish, not Russian, I love the fresh bread at Syrena in Greenpoint, and they have a lovely Eastern European style white bread, as well as a nice flax-sunflower seed loaf.