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Any decent eats near Watertown, NY (way upstate)?

My girlfriend's finally coming back from her year-long deployment overseas (yay!), and her parents and I will be meeting her soon up in Watertown, NY.

Now, I've been up to this town a bunch before, and it seemed like a restaurant wasteland. Bob Evan's is about the style...but maybe I'm missing something? There was a decent Greek place in a strip mall, and a not-bad Thai place, but anything else? Would love to have somewhere non-chain for us to go to dinner that's better than the crappy KBR cafeteria food she's had for the past year. Thanks!

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  1. I would love someone to prove me wrong on this board, but my in-laws live outside of Watertown and I have yet to find anything decent to eat up there. In fact I usually have to prepare myself for some pretty dreadful eating experiences everytime we make the trip. I am afraid 'restaurant wasteland' may be pretty accurate - but like I said, someone prove me wrong!

    1. Not much to offer:
      Best Western - Carriage House Inn has a decent brunch.
      Coleman's Corner has decent pub fare.

      There are some good places just outside Watertown- Tin Pan Galley in Sackets Harbor (about 15 minutes away). There is something in Clayton,... Harbor Inn? and maybe Foxy's in Fisher Landing (Italian). TPG is v. good (make a reservation if possible), the others so-so.

      Other than that, it's a wasteland. It is unfortunate, because so many out of towners come in to visit people on the base.

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        Do you know if TPG is open for lunch?


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          Or cross the bridge to Gananoque, which has a slew of "nicer" restaurants downtown. The only one in Gan I've actually been to is the big one with the deck overlooking the public dock (forgot the name) where I had some great fish & chips and a Sleeman's.

        2. dixiday 2,

          I'm very familiar with the area and I too am at a loss for a good place to eat. I've heard the Tin Pan Galley in Sacket's Harbor is very decent as well. I personally have not tried it.

          I've also heard good things about this Korean Restaurant on Washington Street, not sure about the name. Apparently, it looks like a hole in the wall but, the food is good. Do not, go to the Korean restaurant on Route 37 - horrible, horrible, horrible waste of calories and food. I couldn't even categorize this as Korean food.

          If you're in the mood for pizza, Cam's pizza in Washington Square is apparently the only one. It's the only place my friend who is a pizza afficionado swears by (in the Watertown area of course).

          If you are spending a few days in the area, I recommend making a trek to Potsdam. It's about an 1 1/2 north of the Watertown area. There is a new restaurant called 1844 House. (www.1844house.com ) on Route 11 ph: 315-265-1844. It has been by far one of the best restaurant/food experiences I've had in that area for a long time! The food is wonderful. The only disappointment is when you get the check. The place is pricy but, it's worth it for special ocassions. The place is slightly pretentious but, once you try the food you'll forget all about it. Everything I've had there is great. They make their own flavored butters and sorbets for palate cleansing.

          While in Potsdam, if you are craving seafood, you'll want to check out Angelo's Seafood Restaurant on Maple Street. They have the best, snow crablegs I have ever had, EVER. I've tried crablegs at most places that serve them and it's Angelo's who I always compare them to. I would not order steak in the place but, any of the fish dishes you'll enjoy. The only thing to watch out for here is the inconsistency. If Angelo is cooking, you'll get a great dinner, if it's not him then, it's hit or miss.

          And then since you're in Potsdam, the only other place left to go is the new Indian restaurant on Market Street. I've only eaten there once and was very, very, very impressed by the food. It was truly a dining experience.

          Oh and since you're in Potsdam, you might as well stop off at the Potsdam Food Co-op on Elm Street. It's a natural food store but, they have best organic, free trade coffee and they have their own brick oven bakery. If you love sourdough bread, you'll love their multigrain. My personal favorite is their Batard.

          While there are other decent food highlights in Potsdam, these were the only ones worth mentioning.

          That's about it. Good luck! Tough place for decent food but, you can find every single food chain alternative there is.

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            I grew up there and there were only a few casual and mostly Italian restaurants then. In the city proper only Cucina on Massey St just north of St Patrick's RC church is worth checking for dinner. A throw back in time on the square is the Crystal Restaurant and perhaps only enjoyable by a former resident. In Sackets Harbor NY (about 10 miles away) is Tin Pan Galley. We ate there this past summer and the food, ambiance and service were excellent. In fact it is the only really outstanding dining spot in the area. Don't get me wrong, there are many casual and locally popular spots - Art's Jug being one (strictly ordinary but ok in a pinch eg on a summer weekend when every other place is closed).
            Driving to Potsdam is hardly feasible. It is quite a hike and if that distance doesn't faze you, you'd be better rewarded in Syracuse for some very good food. See previous comments on this site for recomendations for upscale dining in that city.

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              Would Cucina also be known as Cavallerio's? The place I'm talking about is at 133 N. Massey, just north of Rt. 3.

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                Cavallerio's is in Alex Bay so, it's probably not the same one. BTW, Cav has mediocre food.

                I was just talking to a friend of mine who happens to live in Watertown and she just informed me that a new Indian place just opened there. She hasn't had a chance to try it and hasn't heard anything on the street, yet. So, if you're feeling adventurous...

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                  Thanks for the reply, but now I'm really confused. I just
                  rechecked the website and the place I am thinking of is
                  called Cavallerio's Cucina and the address is in fact given
                  as Watertown. The photo of it on the website shows the front
                  entrance with one of those inverted half 50 gallon drum awnings
                  that is maroon in color with the entire name Cavallerio's
                  Cucina inscribed in white letters across the front of the
                  awning. Do you think this is what feelinpeckish refers to as Cucina
                  on Massey Street? I understand sometimes people who live in a
                  certain locale may not realize what the actual full name of a
                  place may be since its been going by a shortened version for so
                  long, but when an out of towner is looking for it and the name
                  is actually a bit different this makes things difficult. If you can
                  confirm whether or not this is the case it would be appreciated.

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                    Sorry about the mix up. There is a Cavallario's Steak House in Alex Bay and a Cavallerio's Cucina in Watertown. My bad.

                    My reference was to Cavallario's Steak House in Alex Bay.

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                      Cavallerio's Cucina is in Watertown, but owned by the Cavallerio's in the Bay. I have not been there, but have heard the food is really good. Savory Cafe has really good food. Mostly sandwiches and homemade soups, but the sandwiches are awsome and so are the soups. Their desserts are homemade and to die for. Shuler's is also a good place for home-cooked type food owned by people that have been in the restaurant business for many years. There is a small bistro in the Washington St. shopping mall that is a suprise in itself. It is a very nice, small place that serves excellent pasta dishes. Dano's in Felts Mills is a great place for pizza and wings. They also have an all you can eat pizza buffet daily. There are good restaurants out there, you just have to hunt a bit. Bon apetit`

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                      Cavallerio operates both sites and I think the food in Watertown is quite good not excellent perhaps but above mediocre. Oddly enough, my wife liked the small pizza as a light "supper". I do find the Italian dishes with a cream sauce base are heavy and though I finished it (them) it was too much and better left half eaten or avoided for another choice. You have to realize the city doesn't offer a lot of choices

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                        Calla0413, Has your friend been to the Indian place? If so, how was it? I will be visiting Watertown with my husband on business and looking for places to eat. Please let me know how it is and the name of the place.

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                          wench31, sorry about the long delay in reply, I haven't been checking the boards lately. Doing a lot of cooking at home. My friend has not tried it yet and not much Indian food. She will ask around to see what others say.

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                        Yes that is the location Jamabalaya and It is run by the same family, I believe and yes the one in Alex Bay is not really all that good but then Alex Bay is kind of tacky to put it mildly.

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                        I completely forgot about Syracuse! I'm from way up north so, Potsdam came to mind first. So, yeah, if you're up for drive you'll have more choices in Syracuse. Plus, it's only about an hour's drive from Watertown.

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                        Hi again, calla0413! I love Korean food. Can you please give me the name of the Korean REstaurant that's on Washington Street? What are their hours?

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                          Well, hello again! I don't have the name of the Korean place on Washington Street, what I can tell you is that it is a few blocks from the new Korean grocery store. It is headed away from downtown. So, if you're traveling down Washington and you just passed the new Korean grocery store, it'll be on your left. You have too look because the only distinguishing thing about this place is the Korean letters in the window. Let me know what you think of the place. A good place can be judged by its kimchi and bulgogi. I don't get to Watertown much but, the next time I get there, I will be making a stop at this little hole in the wall that's suppose to be fab-u-lous! Happy eats!

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                            It is not on Washington Street, it is on State Street and is called Suk Hui Hi's. The food is pretty good and the atmosphere is very friendly.

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                              I believe you are thinking of Suk Hu Hai's. Though it is on State Street, not Washington St. It is just a few blocks from the Asian Market. If I have the wrong place, I apologize. I don't know of any new Korean Restaurant on Washington St.

                        2. I have recently moved to this area from Bethesda,MD and I understand your dilemma. PLEASE give The Blue Heron in Chamount,NY a try! It is very good, although I visited there a couple of years ago (when it was The Borden Thing) and it was fantastic. It's atmosphere is casual, lovely outdoor seating in the summer and items on the menu with a great taste that aren't all out to get the arteries. Worth the short drive out of Watertown. lindijo

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                            lindijo, thank you for your suggestion on The Blue Heron. It was great! My daughter and I shared the blt pasta. It had cheese, cherry tomatoes, garlic, and spinach. My hubby had the steak sandwich which was cooked according to his wishes. (rare) and we had french onion soup and 3 drinks. All $31!!!!!!!
                            Last night, we went to Tin Pan Galley. We had homemade garlic with baguette to start with. I had the blue cheese burger (a bit disappointing), hubby had the rainbow trout and daughter had the mushroom risotto. We finished that off with creme brulee (it was great), macadamia chocolate cake. Another great place. I'm glad that I decided to do a little research on chowhound and got some great recs! Thanks, everybody.
                            One more night to go in Watertown. Will do a little more research......

                          2. Restaurant wasteland?? Where are you people from? I take exception to the posts that insist you need to drive to Syracuse or to Potsdam for a decent meal. We may be in NNY but we certainly have some wonderful local choices. It sounds to me as tho some of the people who are responding to your question have not bothered to find/try our local restaurants. Some of our local places are : Art's Jug, Sboro's, The Fairgrounds Inn, Pete's Restaurant, The Partridge Berry Inn, The Apollo, Cavallario's Cucina...all serve a wide variety of TERRIFIC food (Italian, Greek, Barbecue, American) They are all locally owned and WONDERFUL. Sackets has some great places,too..The best restaurant in the area by far, is Tin Pan Galley. I would put them up against any place, anywhere. The Barracks, the Sackets Cantina, The Sackets Harbor Brewing Company and Goodfellow's are also wonderful places. Watertown also has their share of chain eateries..Ruby Tuesday's, Applebee's, Texas Roadhouse, Red Lobster and TGI Fridays, if you are looking for that "comfort zone". Please do not assume that because we are not a big city we do not have any good choices, because if you do, you will be missing out on some GREAT meals.

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                              We have lived in Henderson,just South of Watertown, and have tried all the restaurants you mentioned.over the last 26 yrs. or so we've lived here.
                              I think we're talking semantics here.
                              I agree with you that Tin Pan Galley in Sackets Harbor is very good and I think the ClipperI nn in Clayton rates a good score even though they are only open from around Mother's Day to around the end of October.
                              If you are talking truly gourmet food then I think you can leave off the rest of the places you've mentioned.
                              There is not one truly 'gourmet " place that we have mentioned.
                              True, the food is good at these places but until you've eaten at a really gourmet restaurant ,which we do not have in the Watertown,New York area,do you appreciate how mediocre food is in the North Country.
                              All the places you and I have mentioned are just what you call "comfort zone" food in one form or another.
                              If any readers are looking for that kind of food then your choices are just fine but if the readers are looking for some spectacular food that is new,creative,and exceptional then, I think,they should look elsewhere.

                            2. I am so sorry to keep writing, guys. But, I will be in Watertown for a few days and wanted to make sure that I have a list of restaurants that I want to try.
                              I just called up the Watertown chamber of commerce for Korean restaurants and was given the name Koreana Restaurant. I have also ckd on the web and found Suk Huk Hi on State St in Watertown. Has anybody been to them? Any feedbacks would be greatly appreciated!

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                                We live just S. of Watertown and we are regular Koreana diners.
                                The place is as good as it gets for Watertown Korean food and we like the place very much.
                                Suk Huk Hi is just a medicore "hole-in-the-wall" joint,better for take-out than dining in.
                                We aren't all that excited about the place or the food.
                                There is a Panda Chinese Buffet in the strip just down from the Price Chopper on Arsenal Street that we frequent.
                                The food is good,imo,and the place is spotless.
                                The other Chinese buffet on Arsenall Street,China Buffet,has been cited by the health department so many times for failure to keep the food warm and the kitchen clean that we never go there any more.
                                Tin Pan Galley in Sackets Harbor,jst S. of watertown is really worth a trip and I've heard good reviews about the blue Heron but we haven't eaten there.
                                I don't know if you like Bullheads but the Nu Pier is usually running bullehad feeds this time of year down in Sackets,on Rt. 3,as well.
                                Good eating!

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                                  Thank you for the report! We've been to Blue Heron last night and it was good! Very good prices! I was looking for Koreana but kind of got lost in the middle of town on Rte 3. So, I gave it up. Will try again today or tomorrow.
                                  Have you been to Foxy's in Fisher's Landing? if so , what would you recommend eating there?
                                  Thanks again!

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                                    Sorry to be so late responding.
                                    I've never been to Foxy's.
                                    I don't check this site as often as usual because you can punch in the "search site" and get a lot of good information about a place.
                                    We all seem to get redundant after a while if you know what I mean;the same reccs for dinner in the same places.
                                    You don't have to keep typing the information in you can just go to the "search site" and get good information from there.
                                    Hope you had a good time in Watertown!
                                    Reports I've gotten from others are very good to very poor----which doesn't really help you at all!(LOL).

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                                      Hi catnip,

                                      Thank you for your responses. Yes, I actually had a good time in Watertown. My daughter and I went shopping and had a great time. My husband kept telling me that it's a dead town and prepared to get bored. He was surprised as I was that there were so many stores built up on Arsenal St.
                                      We ended up going to Tin Pan Galley the first night, the Blue Heron (it's great and you have to go there if you've never been) and also Koreana Restaurant. Koreana is my favorite and I'm glad that I made the drive.
                                      My husband expects to go to Watertown again in a couple of months and I can't wait to go back to Koreana!
                                      Thanks again! :)

                              2. TPG is, IMHO, the best restaurant really anywhere around the general area...nothing really comes close. I hear the Indian place is very good, my family has gone many times and has enjoyed it. I personally am not a fan of Indian food, so I wouldn't really know! I think that Suk Hui Hi's Korean food is pretty great, considering there is really no authentic Korean food in town. I also have been to this place in Adams (I believe it was Adams), called Cafe Miro that was pretty great. The owners, who have been there both times, are kind of over bearing and in your face, but the food is good.
                                Other than that, there aren't really any other places in Watertown I really want to eat...which is kind of sad. I wish some better restaurants would open up! NO more chains!

                                1. you know, I know that most of you didn't ask to come here and/or be stationed in Watertown, but you could at least have the decency to show some respect and NOT tear apart someone's hometown, as I'm sure you wouldn't appreciate it as well.
                                  That being said, if you want to know some other decent places to eat in our "restaurant wasteland" of a city, there is the First National Beef and Brew just off of Public Square that recently opened. Great sandwiches, salads, nice bar in back...they are originally from Buffalo, NY. There is also a Mexican Restaurant in Public Square called The Violet - the owner's husband is retired military who actually decided to settle here because he liked it so much - go figure -huh. The Indian Restaurant on Aresenal Street IS excellent even if you don't think you like Indian Food - their bread called Naan is delicious and they have a lunch buffet for about $7. The Blue Heron, Tin Pin Galley, Goodfellas, Foxy, are all very good as well. Now, if you are looking for more "city" eats, you don't have to go all the way to Syracuse. Just get your birth certifcate, license, and passport (they like to see that if you have one right now), and head over to Kingston. It only takes about 1/2 hour depending upon customs, and there are a ton of great restaurants. If you want a neat experience, drive to Cape Vincent and take the ferry over. Some restaurants to try are the Copper Penny, Windmills Cafe, Chez Piggy, and if you want to spend a little more - Chien Noir. Very cultural city with lots to look at, great shops, and great restaurants. I think it's pretty wonderful to be so close to a place like that.

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                                  1. re: irishlilly

                                    Irishlilly..the whole Watertown-1000 Islands region suffers from culinary mediocrity.
                                    If you grew up in Boston, NYC, Connecticut..etc. even Sboros doesnt come close to excellence...

                                    Good food is found on the canadian side. Bella in Ganaonoque is stunning. Le Chien Noir in Kingston is excellent. Chez Piggy's bakery Pan Chanchero is much better than the eatery (the eatery is good for the setting...food is meh.). Darbar for Indian.

                                    No offence..but if your perspective is Watertown for Indian food....

                                    1. re: veronaraven

                                      I have to laugh at this whole thread. I come from the Canadian side-Gananoque. I love NNY. Lots of rustic old shacks out in the middle of nowhere that serve good solid food.

                                      Sorry but there is alot of bad food on our side. Italian food/pizza is brutal. Too many greeks making italian. They don't know the value of a good sauce. Problem is we have too many greek restaurants and good ones. Lots of chinese places too unfortuneatly most are garbage. I'm sure it's not there fault. If all the customers order is sweet and sour chicken balls, fried rice, chow mein and egg rolls what should you expect. It would help if the chinese did a better job of educating/communicating the different dishes.

                                      Back to Watertown. When you're in a place like NNY you go with the flow. Lot's of Italians. So you eat Italian. You don't eat Korean, chinese or indian. Don't expect hoity toity dining either. Lot's of comfort food and good comfort food. Anybody mention Steak and Brew near Lowville? Terrific place for steak (the owner does a terrific steak au poivre tableside).

                                      One thing that irks me about Watertown is you go into a nice place that serves good food and what do you see? Adults drinking huge glasses of orange soda or chocolate milk with there meal. To them a good place to eat is one that serves it up quick in huge portions. Customers like these do tend to lower the bar.

                                      1. re: veronaraven

                                        Veronaraven - No my perspective for Indian food is definitely not Watertown, but it's not bad for being in a small city...obviously the choices are far greater in places like Boston, Chicago, ...but then go there if you expect those choices. My point was that some people spend more effort into complaining about what an area DOESN'T have, than what it DOES have. these are the same people who would rather complain than take action. Regardless of how I feel about a place I may visit, compared to what I'm used to and like, you will be darn sure I don't go around complaining to the locals and THEN asking for some good eating suggestions or whatever it may be. I'm not even originally from this area, but I think it is a great place to bring up a family - compared to bigger cities. Anyway, when it comes down to it, where you live, what you like to eat, what car is the best to drive,...are all subjective things. One person's like is another's dislike - but does that mean one has to be so rude about their opinions?

                                    2. We're Clipper Inn in Clayton fans.
                                      We feel the best food in the North Country is at the Clipper Inn.
                                      The chef/owner spends months in Eurpoe,off-season-finding new recipies for his seasonal place.
                                      Mitzt ,his bartender there,is the best bartender in the North Country,imo.
                                      She can make the best Old Fashiuoned you've ever had!!!
                                      Most of the rest of the food in the North Country is just "yada-yada-yada";try the Clipper Inn!

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                                        I'm new to this site, but came across it while looking for a place to eat in Watertown. My girlfriend recently moved to the area from NH, I'm originally from Syracuse but have lived throughout New England. I am biased as I'm a cook in a 4 star restaurant in Syracuse that constantly wins awards. We went the the tin pan place in Sackets yesterday and I was a bit disappointed. The 1812 beer was excellent, the panko crusted goat cheese ap rocked, but our meals were just fair. Tonight, a rainy Saturday night, we're looking for a place that's special, considering she's a vegetarian and we're both burnt out on chains or American-Italian eateries, it looks dim. I did get some ideas from these posts and will report back - hopefully with stunned comments.

                                        ps - I, like other CNYers, once looked down on NNY, but years later as an adult, this area is beautiful and I'm very happy to see it's doing so well.

                                      2. This is a year late, but the locally owned restaurants are wonderful. Fairground Inn on Coffeen St. is my fave.

                                        1. I agree that the North Country is a bit of a "restaurant wasteland", but if you're clever and do your research, there are a few good places to eat. Here's a post I just posted elsewhere on Chowhound about a new Moroccan restaurant in Potsdam, NY:

                                          Well, this I'm posting this years after your question, but maybe it'll be useful for someone else. As anyone who's lived in St. Lawrence Co. knows, there are very few good places to go out to eat. There is a new Moroccan restaurant in Potsdam, NY that I was very impressed with called La Casbah. The food was very flavorful, cooked slowly and presented beautifully! I like the Tfaya Couscous and the Lemon Pepper chicken. The decor of the place is amazing, there's truly nothing else like it in the North Country. Let's hope it lasts! Here are some photos:
                                          And here's an article from a local paper, when they first opened in February 2008:

                                          La Casbah
                                          6 Elm St, Potsdam, NY 13676

                                          1. Another great place to eat in St. Lawrence Co. is the Jamaican Restaurant in Canton, NY: Leonie's Jamaican Cuisine. It's more of a take-out place, but there is a small eat-in area. There are NO other Jamaican restaurants for 100s of miles and this place makes excellent food. Here's the menu: http://www.themenuz.com/ny/canton/Leo... and here are a few photos:
                                            I like the stew chicken and curry chicken best. I tried the curried goat and thought that was very tasty as well. They have Jamaican sodas and coco bread and lots of other sides. Check 'em out! ;


                                            La Casbah
                                            6 Elm St, Potsdam, NY 13676

                                            Leonies Jamaican Cuisine
                                            59 Miner St, Canton, NY 13617

                                            1. Give Johnny D's in the Paddock Arcade a try. It offers classic diner fare and I recommend the sweet potato fries, the turkey sandwich, and the grilled chicken sandwich. They also serve up a mean meat loaf. I'm a reservist who has been up here for 15 months and Johnny D's to me was the best value in Watertown.

                                              1. There are alot of great restaurants around Watertown. For instance, you have Sbarro Restaurant on Coffeen Street which is excellent; Tin Pan Galley in Sackets Harbor and right above that restaurant is 110 West Main Street both excellent; Just up the street from these two restaurants is Goodfellas---all three are excellent; If you go to Clayton, you have the Clipper Inn--excellent; You mentioned that you went to Cavallario Cucina. This is a good restaurant--good food and great people who own it. If you north to Ogdensburg, you will find a great new restaurant called Little Italy---which has great food; Also Stone Fence on Route 37. If you want to know about where to go for great food---talk to the local people not the military who just move in for awhile. They do not know where to go for great food. This is just a few great places. I forgot about 2 more restaurants---1 in Watertown called Pete's Restaurant and 1 more in Ogdensburg called The Freight House.

                                                1. Stop in Croghan on the way, pick up some Croghan baloney, french's mustard and a loaf of white bread. finer eatin' just don't exist, least not in Watertown...

                                                  1. Howdy from the Great Northern restaurant wasteland! NOT!

                                                    I am from Texas and dreaded coming here, but have been pleasantly surprised by the really decent eating places here in the Watertown area. My favorite place is Shuler's on Mill Street. I have been to Sboro's and the Fairground Inn, and they are great too...

                                                    Shuler's has a menu that covers just about any kind of pasta, meat, fish or appetizers you can imagine! For the price, the quality and quantity of food at Shuler's cannot be beat. The haddock is bigger than the twelve inch plate it is served on!

                                                    The Korean restaurants around here are not great at all. Compared to real Korean food made in Korea, they are all substandard.

                                                    Watertown and the Great White North (Northern New York) has some really cool history and very few nasty eating joints. The atmosphere here is friendly and comfortable. I enjoy living here. The food and people have made living here a good experience.

                                                    Sacket's Harbor and Carthage have some good eating places too, although they are a little more expensive. You do get what you pay for...

                                                    1. Have you tried Suk Hu Hai's on State Street? It doesn't look very fancy on the outside, but it is clean, and I think the best Korean food I have tried. It also has some Chinese. Suk Hai always remembers us. Even my son and daughter-in-law that she only sees once a year at most. It is like going to your Mom's to eat.