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Jan 9, 2007 06:59 PM

Best Sandwich in Richmond?

I realize this is a wide open topic, so feel free to break it down into categories. NO HAMBURGERS PLEASE, they are already over reviewed. Best sub/hogie/grinder, best steak sandwich/Philly (style) cheese steak, best Dagwood sandwich, etc. Like I said it's a wide open topic. Not looking for instant advice, just looking to create some discussion. I like the chowhounds site, but it can get a little to fru-fru sometimes, that's not a bad thing, but with a name like ChowHounds it should be good to just talk about basic grub, like a good sandwich!

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  1. I hear the New York Deli in Carytown does a good job. Went to it when it was the "old" NYD, but have not been to it since it has been reinvented.

    Crossroads Coffee and Tea on the Southside (Forest Hill Avenue near the park) has some good paninis.

    Not yet really an "expert" on this subject yet. Still doing research ...

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      There really aren't any sandwiches in Richmond that compare with those made at Chiocca's on Belmont. Menu-wide, they are the most monstrous, unique, and delicious sammy's made in the mond. The problem is, the girl/guy ratio is like 20/80 and the average age is no less than 55. They also have the coldest and most-affordable beer in the area. I, for one, love it more than any other place in the fan/museum district. Not for the dainty or those opposed to smoking. Or anyone looking for a date(Girl or guy) Just good times and good friends - it is an admittedly motley crew, but they seem pretty accepting... I love the place.

    2. The new NYD is nowhere near the quality of the former New York Deli.

      Best cheesesteak I've had in Richmond is at The Forest on Forest Hill Avenue. I like Coppola's for sandwiches in general.

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      1. re: Janet from Richmond

        Good to know about the Forest. I live only a couple of blocks from there. Always lots of people in the place - guess there is a good reason for that.

      2. Nicks Produce and International Market on Broad. A lot of people think it is just a Greek grocery but in the back there is a really awesome deli/sandwich shop. Highly recommend it!


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        1. re: Vahound

          Yay for Nicks! Love their sandwiches and their soups. I'm in here for lunch at least once a week. My recent fav is the tomato and mozzarella sandwich. The folks that work there are great too - one of the best lunch spots around.

        2. I still think about the club at Phil's. Is it still good?

          1. Have not had a Phils club in years but used to love them! I liked the fact that they put pickles on the club. Hmm...10:15 I now have a hankering for a Phils club!