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Best Sandwich in Richmond?

I realize this is a wide open topic, so feel free to break it down into categories. NO HAMBURGERS PLEASE, they are already over reviewed. Best sub/hogie/grinder, best steak sandwich/Philly (style) cheese steak, best Dagwood sandwich, etc. Like I said it's a wide open topic. Not looking for instant advice, just looking to create some discussion. I like the chowhounds site, but it can get a little to fru-fru sometimes, that's not a bad thing, but with a name like ChowHounds it should be good to just talk about basic grub, like a good sandwich!

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  1. I hear the New York Deli in Carytown does a good job. Went to it when it was the "old" NYD, but have not been to it since it has been reinvented.

    Crossroads Coffee and Tea on the Southside (Forest Hill Avenue near the park) has some good paninis.

    Not yet really an "expert" on this subject yet. Still doing research ...

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      There really aren't any sandwiches in Richmond that compare with those made at Chiocca's on Belmont. Menu-wide, they are the most monstrous, unique, and delicious sammy's made in the mond. The problem is, the girl/guy ratio is like 20/80 and the average age is no less than 55. They also have the coldest and most-affordable beer in the area. I, for one, love it more than any other place in the fan/museum district. Not for the dainty or those opposed to smoking. Or anyone looking for a date(Girl or guy) Just good times and good friends - it is an admittedly motley crew, but they seem pretty accepting... I love the place.

    2. The new NYD is nowhere near the quality of the former New York Deli.

      Best cheesesteak I've had in Richmond is at The Forest on Forest Hill Avenue. I like Coppola's for sandwiches in general.

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        Good to know about the Forest. I live only a couple of blocks from there. Always lots of people in the place - guess there is a good reason for that.

      2. Nicks Produce and International Market on Broad. A lot of people think it is just a Greek grocery but in the back there is a really awesome deli/sandwich shop. Highly recommend it!



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          Yay for Nicks! Love their sandwiches and their soups. I'm in here for lunch at least once a week. My recent fav is the tomato and mozzarella sandwich. The folks that work there are great too - one of the best lunch spots around.

        2. I still think about the club at Phil's. Is it still good?

          1. Have not had a Phils club in years but used to love them! I liked the fact that they put pickles on the club. Hmm...10:15 I now have a hankering for a Phils club!


            1. When I was in college in the early eighties, Stuffy's made a great sandwich. I particularly liked their vegetarian pita--and I'm not one for meatless dishes, but the combo of fresh veggies on that steamed pita was absolutely delicious. I understand they are still open on West Broad. I now want to go back to Richmond for a Stuffy's!

              1. The best sandwich was the roast chicken sandwich they use to have at Mainly Pasta. I was sad when the closed.

                The roast pork at Kuba Kuba is good. I also like the sandwiches at Zuppa.

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                  I agree with assessment that NY Deli does not pass muster- go there for a drink in the evening. Chiocca's at 425 Belmont St., near Cary Street, is where I take people to impress them with a sandwich. They only serve sandwiches. Atmosphere? Probably would not pass contemporary health code. A solid place for a sandwich, a draft, and hangout.

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                    chioccas is fantastic, and that is a great description, although the unofficial motto of "Chioccas: Where Friends Go to Wait" is apt as well. best sandwich in town bar none, but not much to look at.

                    1. re: thachase

                      Yes, Chioccas is a small family-owend restaurant and when busy it may take a while for an order to be prepared.

                      However, sandwiches/subs like the son of a beast (all made with double portions) are worth the wait. That is why the other unofficial motto of Chiocca's is "don't gripe before you bite!".

                      The best deli subs and sandwiches in Richmond, Virginia, visit them online at chioccasdeli.com and call in your order for take out if time is an issue!

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                        so glad to hear. i literally past chiocca's for the first time a few days ago and wondered about it since i'm starting a new job nearby. it looked interesting but like one of those places that was going to be great or scary! :) funny that this would revive today. will have to check it out.

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                          i'll second (fifth?) chiocca's. i like the atmosphere. very friendly people. the wait isn't so bad when sipping $1.50 PBRs. they grill oysters during the day for games apparently as well. my only gripe is the smoke. i can't wait till richmond goes smoke free.

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                            Amen for that. I'd love to wander into Chiocca's with my six-year old daughter, but not until it goes smoke free.

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                            Check it out - for your own good, check it out... You may hate it,(if you can't stand to wait/hate smoke) but I doubt it - easily the best sandwiches I've ever had.

                  2. My favorite spots for sandwiches in Richmond are Coppola's, Chiocca's (Belmont at Kensington), and Perly's.

                    Are there any really great sub/hoagy/grinder shops in town? I moved here from Philly and I'm surviving without the cheesesteaks but I really miss hoagies made on wonderful hard seeded rolls. Thanks!

                    1. Stuffy's is good for subs. The Pita Pit in Innsbrook has great pitas of almost endless combinations. Jersey Mike's is good. I haven't been to McAllister's Deli, but it looks good and supposedly has a famous sweet tea. For burgers, I'd have to say Fuddrucker's and Chee Burger Chee Burger.

                      1. I think the best sandwich in Richmond is the Guiseppi at European Market (also home to the best gazpacho in Richmond, but that's another post). Proscuitto, mozzarella, roasted red bell pepper and arugula on rosemary ciabatta. Oh my.

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                          Thanks for the heads-up on the Guiseppi! We were in town for the day and had a delicious lunch here. And they have Sprechers!!!! The best soda ever IMHO!


                        2. Mojo's on Cary St has really good philly cheese staeks and grinders.
                          Coppola's is great. The Industial and the fresh mozzarella are my faves.
                          The tomato-pesto-jack melt at KubaKuba is to die for.
                          Joes Inn has the best veggie sub. Lots of melted gooey cheese.
                          Superstars has a lot of great subs too. "Where's the beef" is my favorite. and the "on the sly" is real tasty.

                          1. The vegetarian at Bamboo cafe on Main Street.

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                            1. I love Coppola's as well. Anything with corned beef or pastrami.
                              I've heard great things about Bernie's subs but haven't tried it.
                              In the way of paninis, I love the chicken pesto one from Cucina (www.cucinarichmond.com) and the peanut butter and apple from Lift.
                              I also really like the hummus sandwich at Capital Coffee and Tea in Carytown. It's packed with veggies and served on homemade bread. Just simple and tasty.
                              Also at European Market, I love the Arc de Triomphe. Turkey, bacon and brie served on a baguette. It's another simple but tasty combo.

                              1. Oh, Ipanema has some really great sandwiches. My favorites are the hummus sandwich and the smoked gouda with caramelized onions and tomatoes, both on scrumptious billy bread..mmmmm

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                                  My all-time favorite sandwich was the freshly roasted chicken at Mainly Pasta. You'd go in there and could smell the chicken that they had roasted that morning. The sauce they made for it was heaven. R.I.P. Mainly Pasta.

                                  I also like European Market but why does it take them so long to make those sandwiches?

                                2. Black Sheep on Marshal behind the Seigel Center has amazing "subs" called "battleships" and they are just that, battleships. They have several kinds ranging from fried chix livers to a swedish meatball that are worth checking out. I would also recommend 8 1/2 on Strawberry St. Simple rustic stuff from arugula with mozz and pros. to a pretty nice italian. Standing room and take out only though. Still a pretty awesome experience.

                                  1. the new caffespresso on gaskins just north of patterson has fabulous paninis. the housemade focaccia is heavenly.
                                    it's also (finally) an adorable, local coffee shop place out in the west end. so i can give up starbucks. love it.

                                    1. Coppola's cheese columbo with artichokes. The cheese gets cooked on the grill and turns brown and crunchy. I will probably eat one everyday during the French Film Festival.

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                                        OMG I had completely forgotten about the miracle that is the cheese columbo at Coppola's! I haven't had one in years!

                                      2. Just had the Crudo Panini (prosciutto, fontina & arugola) at Caffespresso at Gayton Place on 1127 Gaskins Rd in Richmond. Best Panini I have ever had.

                                        The gentlemen running the place, Claudio, is from Northern Italy and is a super nice guy.

                                        Great Espresso too!!!!

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                                          i LOVE LOVE LOVE caffespresso. Claudio is fabulous - a joy to get coffee from in the morning because his attitude is so laid back. Have only had baked goods and salads but they have all been yummy and the made from scratch focaccia is so good that i'd bet the paninis are divine. Love having it in my 'hood! :)

                                        2. I'll throw in my vote for Coppola's, too. I used to live in the fan, and ate there all the time. The sandwiches were always fresh and delicious, and it's nice to support a local business, too. Whenever I come back to Richmond to visit, I always stop by to have one of their sandwiches.

                                          I don't know what the New York Deli is like now, but it used to suck.

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                                            NYD still sucks. Lost my business and I give 2nd and 3rd chances

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                                                I will see you and raise you a Cheese Colombo sub from Coppola's :-)

                                          2. Best panini ever - Caffespresso - try if youdon\t believe me. www.caffespressocart.com

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