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Jan 9, 2007 06:57 PM

Hotel location - a curse for restaurants?

One of the restaurants I remember from the 90's which was particularly excellent never "made it big time". Have you ever heard of chef Ken Frank?

Come to think of it, Fenix was a hotel rooftop restaurant. (An a-ha moment.) Not the kind of place you normally find the very best fine dining.

Now, a beautiful hotel like the Claremont in Berkeley has an awful restaurant, Jordan's, and I would be hard-pressed to come up with a handful of good hotel restaurants. Which ones are they?

Great restaurants and terrible restaurants at top-tier hotels. Examples please.

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  1. Three of the four 4-stars in Washington, DC (Citronelle, Maestro, CitiZen) are located in hotels. The fourth is the Inn at Little Washington, which has its own Inn.
    Several second-tiers are also housed in hotels.

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      Well, the Inn at Little Washington looks more like a bed and breakfast. (listed under my top 5, incidentally) Liked Citronelle, within walking distance. Used to live near Dumbarton Oaks. Never been to Maestro or CitiZen. Thanks.

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      1. Great hotel restaurants:
        The Dining Room at the Ritz-Carlton
        Michael Mina at the St. Francis

        1. I have found that star ratings have little do do with food quality and everything to do with how fancy schmancy the place is. I think that hotel restaurants in towns with a high level of tourism will generally have better restaurants at hotels. I'm in Phoenix, and know that a good number of the top restaurants in town are located in hotels. The same was true when I lived down in Tucson.

          1. In Paris, two of the *** are in hotels
            - Le Cinq (in the Four Seasons)
            - Alain Ducasse (in Hotel Athenee)

            The Post (outside Lake Louise has terrific food, probably the best in the area)

            Weirdly, some of the best Italian food I have had was in at Ritz in Alcapoca (sp?)

            And doesn't the Ritz in Atlanta have a terrific restaurant?

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              Never been to any of those. Thanks.