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Jan 9, 2007 06:50 PM

cocktails in albany/el cerrito/kensington area?

Any suggestions about where to meet some friends for cocktails (and preferably at least a little bit of food) in that area? Berkeley is as far as my knowledge goes! Thanks.

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  1. I'd head to Fonda on Solano for great drinks and very tasty Mexican small plates. Fonda is part of the Lalimes, Sea Salt, Jimmy Beans, and TRex group.

    1. Fonda, on Solano across the street from the Safeway, or Six Degrees, also on Solano a few blocks down the hill. I'm guessing Fonda's small plates menu would be particularly well-suited to a group of people coming at various times and not all looking to eat a lot of food.

      1. Nizza la Bella on San Pablo at the base of Solano. Excellent cocktails and not quite as expensive as Fonda. However, they don't have as many appetizer options as Fonda's small plates; but,I love both places.

        1. I live on the same block as Fonda, so it's definitely my go to spot for cocktails and a snack before dinner. It's great. A couple of other ideas that are also in Berkeley and I think are nice and have a different vibe are T-Rex ($5.00 drinks and 1/2 price appetizers from 3 - 6 pm)and Skates (1/2 price appetizers I think from 4 - 6pm and a nice view.

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            Good to know about T-Rex. Their website doesn't mention it. Are the appetizers the same as the "nibbles" on their dinner menu?

            1. re: Glencora

              Yes, I think that is correct, they are called "nibbles" and include rib tips, spring rolls, onion rings, and some other little plates. A few months back they had a really good spring roll with salmon that was quite nice. Oh, and I love those french martinis. . .