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Jan 9, 2007 06:41 PM

Cookbooks from the Good Cook

Just as I was about to lob today's junk mail into the dark corner to which it belongs, a bright page full of cookbooks caught my eye. It turned out to be from one of those standard "Buy lots for $1 now and sign over your firstborn for life" type book clubs. I normally don't even look at these, but well, what can I say, it's for cookbooks (someone must have told them I'm under-the-weather and feeling a little vulnerable today).

I'm sorely tempted, as there are some decent books I'd love to get my hands on, but I'm very wary of these things- they just scream scam to me. Plus, when I checked their website, the fine print was a little too fine (as in, I can hardly find it at all). The deal in this particular case, as far as I can make out, is that you get 3 books for $1 each immediately, and then have to buy 2 more at regular prices over the next year. Plus shipping and handling for everything.

Their website (at least the Canadian version) is

My question is, has anyone else heard of these people, and ever tried them? In other words, someone please stop me....

Sincerely, Sucker-In-Waiting

- Lea

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  1. I was a member for a while - they're an OK operation and there's really no catch, other than (as with most book clubs) you need to be diligent about returning the cards each month or you get books shipped to you that you may not want. Even when that happens, you can just write "refused" across the unopened package and it gets returned to them at no cost to you - at least that's how it works in the US.

    The books they sell are somewhat discounted, but the shipping brings it up to about what you'd pay in a bookstore, and more than you can usually find the same books for at Amazon or Overstocks, etc. If you find 3 relatively expensive books that you really want and then buy two more relatively inexpensive ones and then quit the club the numbers can work out to your advantage. I found that their monthly selections were a bit heavy on the baking and Rachel Ray type cookbooks for my taste.

    1. Well, I took my law degree and went to that site. It's typical book club stuff - you need to purchase 4 more books over the next 2 years. Will you find 4 cookbooks you want in the next 2 years, or would you rather be free to buy your cookbooks somewhere else? Anywhere else?

      If you're under the weather, put it aside and think about it next week. They're not going anywhere.

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      1. re: Atlantis

        You are not the only lawyer here, and I cannot for the life of me see how that is relevant.

        I, for, one find them to be a totally reputable company. They have been around forever, and offer really good deals.

        You can purchase your Cookbooks from them, or from anyone else in the world. There is no restriction with your membership.

        They offer wonderful books at very interestoing prices, much lower than Amazon or Jessica's Biscuit.

        If the original poster is like most folks on CH, she will buy lots of cookbooks. Having the Good Cook option allows you to pick and choose, and benefit from their 1/2 price and $9.99 sales.

      2. I pretty much filled in my kitchen library using The Good Cook, then called them to discontinue my membership when I finally realized I had more cookbooks than I could possibly use. No argument from Customer Service, just an offer to keep sending me the monthly mailings without the send-in-the-card-or-you're-getting-the-book obligation, which I declined. While I was a member, I found the service to be very convenient and I thought the prices were better than at my local bookstores.

        1. I'm a member. I wouldn't say I love the club (the prices really aren't that great), but I do occasionally get great deals on things, and you can't beat that start up of 5 books for $1 each. Shipping does get you, but if you are the kind of person who remembers to send in the refusal card on time (and now you can also just get onto the website and decline the monthly feature), then why not try it? I think these days you only need promise to buy another book or two, and really, who can't find a good cookbook or two over a year? So, not a rave, but if it sounds fun to you, and you actually do see 4/5 cookbooks in the flyer that interest you, give it a shot.

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          1. re: LulusMom

            They don't publicize it any more, but they also have a toll-free number you can call to decline the current offering. It's 1-800-644-2662.

          2. I'm a member. I always wait until they have a good sale, 50% off, before buying the books. The best deal is on that introductory offer. Then wait until the markdowns happen. I've fulfilled my commitment but still keep the membership "just in case."