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Jan 9, 2007 06:14 PM

Where to buy squid ink in NY?

I want to make some squid ink pasta dough - anyone know where I can find squid ink? I work in Midtown East and live in Hell's Kitchen, so those locations are preferred, but I can certainly travel.

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  1. The Italian place at Chelsea Market carries squid ink.

    1. DiPalo on Grand street has squik ink, so does the fish market at Grand Central, and Despana on Broome Street.

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      1. re: kobetobiko

        Are you sure about Wild Edibles/GC? I am there at least every other day and have never seen it in the refrigerated section; do you have to ask? I do know that occasionally they have seppia with ink sacs.

        1. re: dbird

          It was not in the refridgated section. It comes in a packet in a paper box or something like that. I saw it there once but I am not sure if it is there everyday. Most of the squik ink I have seen are either in cans or in packet form, not refridgated.

          Now that you mentioned I remeber seeing it in Dean and Deluca as well.

      2. I think the italian place in chelsea market is called Buon Italia, and they do carry squid ink, I saw it there last week.

        1. In the past, I've purchased it from Sea Breeze (on 9th Ave around Port Authority).

          1. Just to update this posting, Murray's does not have it nor does Faicco's.

            Buon Italia's website either isn't working or they don't carry it anymore, although I didn't call them to confirm (

            I didn't try Wild Edibles or DiPalo on Grand Street, but I did just call Despana in SoHo and they seem to carry it!

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              Kalustayans often has it in the back in the refrigeratored section

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                I'm from the Boston board, but read this one often as I travel to NYC a few times a year. FWIW I heard that there is a world- wide squid ink shortage right now (this was from our local Italian shop in Boston), and it is tough to find. I was able to find a 1Kg jar off Amazon, that should last a while.

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                  Call Buon italia. Web sites do not always have everything their respective stores carry. Maybe they do not like shipping the squid ink for some reason. I would call.

                  Also try calling Eataly. They may not have it out for sale, but they sel a lot of squid and may have it for you to purchase if you inquire.