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Jan 9, 2007 06:11 PM

Evocative ambience, somewhat quiet, spacious lobby, bar, restaurant to write book

Have been writing book in various places that are comfortable, have interesting ambience, an atmosphere that is conducive and friendly to writing for at least two hours. Excellent food and wine is helpful. enjoying all different types of places, preferably west side. helpful if music isn't ghastly. i suppose i'm looking for intriguing backgrounds because the focus is the writing of the book.
westside preferable.
thanks so much.
what a great site.

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  1. Not the west side but, I've always liked Rive Gauche - 14106 Ventura Blvd, Sherman Oaks, especially on a cool evening. They have a den like setting with couches and a fire place in the bar area. Never eaten a meal there but have been many times for a drink or two and a good "schmooze".

    1. I recommend Casa Del Mar, the Ritz-Carlton in the Marina, and Shutters. Literati II or the Novel Cafe might be amusing just because of their names but are not as comfortable and Literati II is not really suited to lingering.

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        I second Shutters or Casa del Mar. They are across the street from each other so you can check them out at the same time, see which one you prefer. Shutters also has a cafe downstairs from the lobby called Pedals which has a really nice patio right at beach level adjacent to the bike path. Nice on a warm day. But I assume you could just hang in the lobby upstairs on one of their nice couches. Shutters has a Cape Cod vibe; Casa del Mar is sort of old Spanish retro elegant.

      2. You could go to Lowenbrau Keller and relax at a table with a suit of armor.

        Lowenbrau-Keller Restaurant
        3211 Beverly Blvd
        (213) 382-5723

        If you want visual, a quick googling turned up this website w/ pictures:

        Another place that could work is the lobby bar/restaurant at the Hotel Figueroa.

        Figueroa Hotel
        939 S Figueroa St
        Los Angeles, CA 90015
        (213) 627-8971