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Jan 9, 2007 06:05 PM

What is up with Sunday's

I had my parents in town this weekend,visitng from NYC.
I was so embarrased to find that none of the better Toronto restaurants were open on Sunday night. We dined at Starfish on Friday,Harbour Sixty on Saturday and I was planning on having them take us to one of Toronto's better French dining establishments on Sunday..we were S.O.L. We ended up going to Bistro 990(eh).I realize that the restaurant staff need a day off, but isn't it usual to be closed on Monday? My parent's were amazed that such a large,modern city as Toronto would have so few first class dining establishments open on a Sunday.

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  1. Chefs need days off with families too. I always thought that resturants closes on Sundays or Mondays (or both). And even if they don't close, the primary chef may not be making your meal - so why bother?

    TO show off Toronto, you don't need to eat at all the high-end places.. =) can be creative and take them to the more local favourites. Your parents are here to visit you, so time spent with you is probably more important than at any fancy restaurant. My opinion.

    1. Where did you try to go? Without getting into a debate about Toronto's "better" restaurants, perhaps it's just the French that are thwarting your plans for a free meal!

      Seems to me you could have gone to Scaramouche or Perigee or wherever you were planning on going on Saturday and then gone to Harbour 60 on Sunday.


      1. niagara street cafe is a good bet for Sundays- not like high high end or anything but great food.

        1. I went to Splendido on a Sunday, they were packed even then!

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            Splendido is closed Sundays this January.

          2. You should have gone to Jamie Kennedy's on Church St. Sunday is my favourite night to go as there is usually little trouble getting a seat in the bar area.