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Jan 9, 2007 05:31 PM

Girls' Weekend in San Diego

I need some restaurant recommendations for San Diego this upcoming weekend.

Eight of us will be in San Diego for a bachelorette party/trip.
I'm looking for a cheap lunch place for Saturday in or near downtown, we'll be whale watching in the morning.

I also need a trendy, but not too expensive restaurant for dinner that night. We were planning on going to Red Pearl Kitchen, but to make a reservation for 8, we need to order at least $30 a head. (I realize this isn't that much with drinks and such, but some of the girls are on a budget.)
Any suggestions would be much appreciated?

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  1. 2 drinks and one of their dim sums, you are at $30. If you want something hip it will be a more than that. You could try TGIF downtown in the Gaslamp. It has a young crowd.

    1. If you don't mind leaving the gaslamp, I'd recommend Apertivo in North Park. Italian tapas, salads $3-$5, pasta $4-$6, usually nothing over $8 on the menu and the food is good. Well priced wine bar for vino by the glass, but no cocktails. It's on 30th just north of University. Gets crowded, so I'd make reservations.

      1. I hate to see anyone come into San Diego and dine at TGIF's just because it's cheap, although normalheightsfoodie is correct - they do have a younger crowd. If you wanted to hit up a similar place with better food, try Rock Bottom.

        I'd recommend going through these websites to see if you can find something in your price range. The Gaslamp can be alot of fun on the weekends, so you'll probably have a good time anywhere you go.


        For your lunch, I'd recommend the Tin Fish, Cafe222, or The Cheese Shop (killer chicken salad sandwiches!). I hope you ladies have a great time!

        1. Try the Gaslamp Strip Club - it's a bar and grill where you grill your own steak (or whatever you order) on their grills. (They actually got the idea from another even cooler place called the Turf Club - but that's up in Golden Hill) You can order side dishes for the table that are relatively inexpensive and they have a full bar - it's over 21 only, if that's an issue. Definitely make reservations though because it gets really busy.

          For your lunch - all three of the places recommended above are decent, but I'm not sure if they are open on Saturdays - downtown SD is pretty quiet on Saturdays during the day. There's also a pretty decent food court at the top of Horton Plaza that has lots of choices, and there are usually plenty of tables.

          1. Another spot that's popular for groups is Buca di Beppo... yes, it's a chain, but the food's not bad and it is definitely within your price range. It gets VERY busy, so make sure you have a reservation if you decide to have dinner there. Have a great time!