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Jan 9, 2007 05:27 PM

Portland updates

Restaurant Oolong is now open as Portland's. The menu was put on the website today which you can view at

Ruby's burgers which has been known, or was known, as Portland's best burger is closed on Commercial Street.

I have heard that the owner of David's is looking to open a new restaurant across the bridge in South Portland.

Uncle Billy's Resto-Bar on Congress Street looks ready to open in a matter of days or so.

Whole Foods opens on Feb 14th

Cake Restaurant opened last week in the space formally occupied by The Industry nightclub on Wharf Street. Pretty high end menu which is not going to cut it in that location.

The Keg Steakhouse got their application in before the ban on chains in certain areas of the city. That should be by far one of the biggest restaurants in the city and will be the only big open restaurant of that type in the Old Port.

Drew Swenson who is funding the Riverwalk project near the eastern waterfront development is pretty ripped about the chain ban and may be suing the city. He was looking at something along the lines of a Ruth's Chris, Morton's, or Legal Seafoods to be an anchor in his new residential/retail development. The whole ban will be overturned by the looks of it.

Quizno's in Monument Square is already closed and Henry VIII's, platinum plate winner from TV Diner, is set to start franchising. Again, showing that wallets not city barriers should make the decisions. I don't know where you can find a better sandwich than at Henry's.

All I can think of for now.

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  1. I'm disappointed -- Portland's menu looks really generic. Oolong wasn't that good but at least it tried to be interesting. Generic might do well in that spot since there's no other high-end steak place like that in the Old Port, although I do see a fair amount of overlap with RiRa's.

    Haven't seen Cake yet, but it might be able to nab some customers from the crowd that goes to Vignola, Fore St, and the ritzy Hotel on Temple St.

    Not even a nationwide chain can hack it in the Death Spot in Monument Square. Heh.

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        1. Please help us stay focused on chow that currently exists, not food that's rumored to exist. We've deleted some posts that have gone off topic, and ask that people stick to discussing great existing Portland chow. Thanks!

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