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Jan 9, 2007 05:25 PM

Chichen Itza on 6th is open and it's delish!

i live upstairs from the restaurant. Yesterday was their grand opening after months of delays. i wanted to see what all the chatter was about on the board here. so i ordered the panucho and the cochinita pibil. they were fabulous. just so damn good i can barely stand it. it's the next day and i'm still thinking about it. i'm going to get very fat living above the restaurant.

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    1. re: martyR

      2501 west 6th street, just east of 6th and rampart. they are in the ground floor of the Asbury apartments, a classic 1920s building with a red neon sign on top. can't miss it.

      1. Just went there last night! Everyone enjoyed their meals...some of the more interesting offerings we tried were Papadzul, which is a chopped egg enchilada with pumpkin seed sauce (sounds kinda weird, but it was good) and Kibi, an appetizer which is very reminiscent of a falafel (in fact it was introduced to the Yucatan region by Lebanese immigrants long ago). I had the Bistec a la Yucateca which was good. My only complaint is that they use converted rice, which is a pet peeve of mine. Overall, good food, ambience and friendly and attentive service.

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          I love Yucatan food, but I haven't find any Yucatecan Rest in L.A. area, I have to give Chichen Itza a try. I don't like the idea of the converted rice, many restaurants do that, personally I can't stand it. It tells alot about the restaurant. How hard is to cook a good, fresh pot of rice?