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Jan 9, 2007 05:19 PM

Mozza Alternatives ?

I'm hoping to go for food and wine arond 3:30 this week. If there's no room, where else (close by) might be a good second choice ?

(Lou's would be my first, second choice if they were open.)


Would The 3rd Stop be good for food, as a second choice ? ?

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  1. 3rd Stop does not have a good wine selection...they do have a lot of interesting beers though and the isn't bad. What about Bin 8945? AOC?

    1. If you look at the website for Lou, you'll see that it's not open until 6pm.

      AOC is also not open until 6pm on weekdays.

      The Little Next Door has wine and food, and might be a nice choice.

      1. I keep hearing that Cube at 615 N. La Brea (next to the Divine Pasta Company) is fantastic. I haven't had a chance to try it yet myself but it's high on my list. They have a cheese/charcuterie shop and their menu looks great - and they are open for lunch. They also serve pizza.

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          Cube is BYOB - which might be sort of nice...