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Jan 9, 2007 05:15 PM

Baba Ganoush

I recently had the best baba ganoush I've ever had, at Olympic Pita, on a stretch of little-known kosher restaurants on West 38th Street between Fifth and Sixth. It was smoky (so obviously the eggplant was grilled), there was *no* tahini, but it was rich with mayonnaise. Before I call the chef, does anyone have a recipe that resembles this? I don't think there was any lemon involved, because it was downright sweet.

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  1. That sounds interesting: I have never seen it without lemon juice are tahini. No kosher recipe (or any other) I have seen leaves them out. It should not taste sour, even with the juice of a whole lemon. Many years ago, I remember making it with mayo, because I was out of tahini. (I can't remember what it tasted like.)

    I am curious to see what you come up with. Call that chef!

    1. I am sure this is not what you are looking for, as it is not a babaganoush. But it reminds me of a dish I had recently at a seaside restaurant near Athens Greece. It was veal with eggplant cream. The recipe sounded familiar, and sure enough I found it in Diana Kochilas book "The Glorious Foods of Greece" Basically you fold the pulp of smoked eggplants into a bechamel made with Kasseri cheese. Very good, i have since made this recipe, and the eggplant creme is good at room temp, very smoky and sweet.

      1. This sounds like Sabra brand babaganoush, which does not contain tahini. It's smoky, very creamy, and made with mayonnaise. I buy it at Fairway and have seen it in many groceries in NYC.

        1. Munch_kin--I'll call the chef and report back.

          Kolliopoulos--That sounds so good I'm going to get ahold of the Kochilas book! I need another Greek cookbook anyway.

          And Phofiend--I'll find Sabra baba ganoush. There are about 8 supermarkets and specialty food stores in my immediate vicinity (Union Square).