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Business Dinner for 30 in Scottsdale

Any recs on a restaurant for a business dinner, looking for something upscale, close to the Westin Kierland Resort & Spa. I am looking at about $100 per person, including wine and tip. Thanks.

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  1. Talk to Zinc. They've done very well by me for events in the past. The manager is great.

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      I was thinking Zinc. I called and they said they could manage 30 persons in theback of the restaurant. I inquired about a private room and was told that it is "very pricey to rent around $2,000". She went to check with the manager and then told me it was $4,000. I asked if she meant a $4,000 minimum of food and drink and she said no, food and drink was separate from the $4,000 room charge. I've booked lots of business dinners in San Franciso, New York, London, and I have never had such an large room charge separate from drinking/dining.

    2. WHOA. i've never been charged that there. We usually get the patio, and its all inclusive. I don't even know what room they're referring to.

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        I know, it seems over the top and it is the patio they are referring to. Oh, well. I am looking at LeccaBaffi.

        1. good suggestion. they did a party for me last year for about 30 people.... it was by no means quiet, they did a buffet, the food was great, and we had a roped off area.... i don't know that it would work for a business affair.

          1. Flemings. They did a terrific job for our company Holiday party. Separate room, patio cocktails. Not a buffet (hate 'em - sorry). Not over the top pricing, either.

            1. OK, it's down the road a bit, but Peter Kasperski has hosted two major dinners for me at Cowboy Ciao. We got the entire place on a Sunday (January), and the cost came to about $120 for 65+ attendees. Food was great and the service was over-the-top. This included the wines, that I chose from his list, and they were not at the lower end. They also have a smaller dining room, that the International Wine & Food Society has gotten for a few tasting dinners. It's slightly separated from the main dining area (read quieter), and I'd guess can be outfitted to comfortably seat 40 people. Again, all was great, but, as these were not MY events, I cannot comment on the price.


              1. I agree with Bill that Cowboy Ciao is a smart choice for its inspired cuisine. $120 _per person_ can be tailored down, as he alludes, by more conservative wine choices. If it's a week night, you might consider a pre- or post-dinner drink at Kaz Bar (kazbar.net), which is owned by the same folks as Cowboy Ciao, is right next door, and offers an intimate wine bar setting. One benefit to dining at 'Ciao is that your guests can explore Old Town or The Scottsdale Fashion Center, a large upscale shopping mall. One downside is, Old Town is a 20-30 minute drive from Kierland so you'll have to coordinate transportation for a party of 30. Another downside: Cowboy Ciao is overrated in my opinion due to tiny portion sizes and unnecessarily high prices, but mine is a view held by a small minority.

                Several swank large party options exist closer to the Westin, which I would encourage you to consider first. Across the street, the open-air Kierland Commons is a must visit for any hotel guest for its unique atmosphere, high-end shopping, and variety of restaurants. I suggest Mastro's Ocean Club or Mastro's Steakhouse for peerless surf and turf, respectively. The Ocean Club is considered a nicer, modern atmosphere while the Steakhouse is darker inside and the lingering smoke from a cigar can extend beyond the unremarkable bar area. As mentioned, Zinc Bistro is a wonderful french restaurant, carefully appointed, with Hotel Costas CDs on shuffle, all with the intention to bring guests as close as possible to Paris (I'm nevertheless shocked Terry quoted you $4k for the patio sans food and drink!)

                A block north from Kierland Commons, along Scottsdale Rd is the luxurious Capital Grille. The northwest dining room is sized for a 30-person group and its door suggests the room is rentable. Rich mohogany and enormous paintings surround diners at The Capital Grille, which offers as much quality in its cuisine as it does in ambiance. The Belle Glos pinot noir will make you believe in God, in great contrast to their noxious tap water (Arizona is notorious for its complimentary water; few restaurants filter it because they don't see the value).

                Next door, your large group may dine comfortably at Maggiano's where two seating areas hover above the larger dining floor. It's unlikely you'll approach $100 a head as the food is priced moderately.

                Next door, Benihana is sure to welcome groups as large as yours. I have not personally dined there but reviews are very positive and I presume the format is where the chef chops, flips, and sizzles the sushi etc. at your table.

                To see the locations of these restaurants, click the following link to open a Google Earth map (requires Google Earth): s3.amazonaws.com/videothink/fun/westin_restaurants.kmz.

                Consider a pre-dinner drink at 5:30 or so on the veranda of the Westin Hotel. Not only will you have a gorgeous view of Kierland G.C.'s #8 and #9 holes but an expert Scottish bagpiper will--in full kilted uniform--regale your group with culturally uplifting tones for ~30 minutes as he does every night. I hear him every night from my home on the 5th fairway.

                Bon appetite!

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                  To make the link above clickable (read valid): http://s3.amazonaws.com/videothink/fu...

                  Another idea: rent Taliesin West. Frank Lloyd Wright's winter estate is a Scottsdale landmark not 15 minutes from the Westin. Your guests will dine outside under the stars while a large helium balloon glows softly (due to a lightbulb in its center). While enjoying their cosmopolitans, your guests will enjoy knowing that Marilyn Monroe, Georgia O'Keefe, and numerous luminaries of the 40s and 50s were guests in the apartment facing you. Guests may watch the gorgeous sunset as Wright often did from the concrete "prow" of his architectural "ship." Watch a short movie in Wright's 95% acoustically accurate Caberet Theatre. Tour his office, his home, the concert hall, and the Kiva meeting room while student architects (who sleep in canvas tents at night) cater to your questions. I'm not sure what the foundation charges, but if the all-inclusive fee is within your budget why choose what would, by comparison, be a boring restaurant experience? Just an idea. Have a good time. - Ryan M

                2. Two months ago, we held a very special event for 25 at the Ocean Club at Kierland. The food was amazing, service impeccable (as always)---everything truly just as we had hoped! The Special Group Manager they have on staff made sure every detail was perfect. I am not sure of the final price per person...the wine was flowing all evening long :)...but it would be well worth your time to inquire further. Enjoy!

                  1. Bravo Bistro on Scottsdale Rd. has an upstairs room which can accomodate a party of 30....their food is wonderful.