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Jan 9, 2007 04:46 PM

Business Dinner for 30 in Scottsdale

Any recs on a restaurant for a business dinner, looking for something upscale, close to the Westin Kierland Resort & Spa. I am looking at about $100 per person, including wine and tip. Thanks.

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  1. Talk to Zinc. They've done very well by me for events in the past. The manager is great.

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      I was thinking Zinc. I called and they said they could manage 30 persons in theback of the restaurant. I inquired about a private room and was told that it is "very pricey to rent around $2,000". She went to check with the manager and then told me it was $4,000. I asked if she meant a $4,000 minimum of food and drink and she said no, food and drink was separate from the $4,000 room charge. I've booked lots of business dinners in San Franciso, New York, London, and I have never had such an large room charge separate from drinking/dining.

    2. WHOA. i've never been charged that there. We usually get the patio, and its all inclusive. I don't even know what room they're referring to.

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        I know, it seems over the top and it is the patio they are referring to. Oh, well. I am looking at LeccaBaffi.

        1. good suggestion. they did a party for me last year for about 30 people.... it was by no means quiet, they did a buffet, the food was great, and we had a roped off area.... i don't know that it would work for a business affair.

          1. Flemings. They did a terrific job for our company Holiday party. Separate room, patio cocktails. Not a buffet (hate 'em - sorry). Not over the top pricing, either.