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Jan 9, 2007 04:44 PM

Valentines day dinner

Hello fellow Chowhounds,
I would like to take my hubby out for dinner on the 16th of next month, since Valentines Day falls on a Wednesday. He loves steak, one of my co-workers mentioned Ruth’s Chris in Irvine. Has anyone been there? Are there other places to look into? I want to stay close to home (La Mirada) since we are having a baby sitter watch the kids. I want it to be very special for both of us since we hardly go out alone. We both are meat and pasta eaters, I would like to keep it on the down low, nothing outrages like over 300 for both.

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  1. Ruth's Chris in Irvine is great for steaks, but it's one of those places where your $40 steak comes with no sides. So you have to order everything else separately ($7-9 per side, but they're big enough to share w/ 3 or 4 people).

    Other places you might consider

    Fleming's in Newport Beach - totally awesome steaks and ambience
    Mr. Stox in Anaheim - classic good food
    Morton's - new one just opened up south of Disneyland, good for steaks
    Mastro's steakhouse - very good, across from South Coast Plaza, great steaks.
    La Vie En Rose in Brea - very romantic, french food but also decent steaks
    Napa Rose - Disneyland Grand Californian Hotel - despite being inside the Disneyland resort, this is really one of the best restaurants in the county.

    Any of these restaurants would be great for Valentine's day, but make your reservations now!!

    1. Go here to Open Table, enter Feb. 16 and the number of people and time you desire, enter Orange Co. and see that a large number of places have availabilities, and some will not even book that far in advance, yet the site will also give you the web addresses of all that have them. You can determine which ones fit your needs and remove many others that do not.

      1. Ruth's Chris is great. They offer an incredible selection of steaks, a delicious array of side choices, and great oven-fresh french bread. My boyfriend is a serious steak lover -- he goes for the filet mignon or cote-de-boeuf at almost every dinner -- and Ruth's Chris consistently ranks #1 on his list.

        I'd also like to echo kingkong5's recommendation of Napa Rose. Even though it's associated with Disneyland, it's got a highly-deserved 26 food rating from Zagat's. Napa Rose has a beautiful selection of wines and a wide variety of food options, though you will not encounter the broad selection of steak cuts and cooking styles that Ruth's Chris offers.

        1. Thanks for the replies, I am going to check out Napa Rose and also the Anaheim White House, I got thier site from La Vie En Rose.

          1. I went to Morton a couple of time, food was great and so was the service. THe one went to was n LA, so hope theres no dfferences..O yeah, Its not romantc because it was quite loud but good food