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Jan 9, 2007 04:36 PM

Indian Food in Westfield, NJ region?

Hi, I'm hoping to solicit some help! I'm throwing a bridal shower for a friend at my home and am new to the Westfield area. Am looking for a REALLY wonderful Indian restaurant that could provide food (I would pick up) to serve at my house. Preferably non-vegetarian. Any recommendations? I'd be so grateful. Thanks!

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  1. On Route 22 in (I think) Mountainside there's a place callled Raagini. I've not been there in a long time, but it was terrific a few years ago.......I can't think of any other Indian places in the immediate area.

    1. I tried Dabbawalla on Springfield Avenue in Summit a month or so ago and really enjoyed it. I believe it is southern Indian. I'm sure they do takeout as well.

      1. Saffron on Route 10 in East Hanover is EXCELLENT! They have a catering menu and do a lot of catering so it might be a good option. They have everything you can imagine. My family and I eat a lot of Indian food and my mom has traveled to India numerous times and claims that it is very authentic.

        1. Have been to Saffron and Dabbwalla....Preferred Dabbawalla....they have a huge menu and extremely varied from all regions of India including East Indina cuisine. They are hosting a food festival the past couple of weeks that is fabulous! The food is definitely authentic and very well presented too!