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Jan 9, 2007 04:35 PM

Zeppy's Bagels

Just read in the Patriot Ledger that Bagel Boy of Lawrence has bought the old Zeppy's. Now I don't know what Bagel Boys bagels taste like, but I really did enjoy Zeppy's. The paper stated that they were going to keep the name and the recipes, so hopefully they'll be available soon. I haven't been able to find a Zeppy's bagel since the retail store closed in June. Anyone have an opinion on Bagel Boy?

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  1. Don't know about Bagel Boy, but the S&S in Inman Square carries Zeppy's bagels, or at least used to when I lived in the neighborhood a few years ago. You could give them a call.

    1. When they start selling the little cinnamon bons (incorrectly called kichel) please let us know.

      1. I sometimes pop into Rebecca's on Franklin Street in the morning to grab breakfast and if I recall correctly, the bags that their bagels are in say Zeppy's.

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          Yes, Rebecca's still sells Zeppy's bagels! I go there once in a while to get my fix.

        2. I've had Bagel Boy bagels and they are just ok. They are a fairly good size commercial bakery in a industrial park in Lawrence, MA. Most of the bagels they make are sold wholesale. No real tradition here sorry to say.

          1. Hot Off the Press in Cambridge has Zeppy's too. Great breakfast there too.